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Doing Laundry and Helping the Environment

Last week I talked about Doing the Laundry – UK vs USA and the pros and cons that come with it in each country.  I got a lot of great response and feedback from the post, thank you readers!  Make sure to take a read if you have not had a chance yet.

As an update, this weekend I was able to catch up on quite a bit of laundry that had been piling up.  Saturday we had a very warm cloudless day of sunshine. In England that means you forget your previous plans and react like it is summer by donning shorts and sunnies to head outside in the sun. I remember last year when we had our fluke day of summer in the early Spring.  My family had headed into Brighton on the train and I had never seen it packed with so many bodies headed to the shore.  Girls are wearing short dresses and shorts and you would think we were all at club med. We take our sunshine days seriously in the UK.

Back to the laundry situation. I made sure to move all the wet laundry outside and run another load to put out before we left on our country walk.  When we came back hours later our laundry was practically dry. This never happens if there is cloud cover, despite the sun being out. It was really great. I could get used to this but I checked the weather report for the week and looking a bit gloomy on that end.

However there is always a reason to find the positive. Today I am bringing to you the upside to doing laundry.  As a working mother I live to multitask and what better to do that with then to combine your passions with the things that must get done.  If you are a regular reader you know that my family is really big into buying locally, conservation, being ecofriendly.  A few months ago I was trying to find a UK version of the US’s borax. Basically because I am an avid user of Pinterest and wanted to make our own laundry detergent at home to be more economical.  However I realized upon asking all my friends in the UK that Borax is not easily obtained here.  More so it is apparently ‘too toxic for normal people to use’.

A friend in Oxford referred me to try Ecover laundry detergent. What I found out is that Ecover uses only plant-based and mineral ingredients. This means it is not only gentle on your clothes but your skin as well.  It has complete biodegradability and minimum impact on aquatic life.  Their packing is made from sugarcane to be renewable, reusable, and recyclable. Those are three ‘r’s I can stand behind.

Check out this information graphic for more details on  how doing laundry and helping the environment  can be done at the same time.

Cleaning the seas, one bottle at a time
Cleaning the seas, one bottle at a time. Visit The-Splash for more information and to read our pledge.

Q: Have you tried or do you use Ecover products?  Have you found ways to be Eco-friendly in the household?

Bonnie Rose

*These statements and words are my own as I am passionate about being eco-friendly for our health and our environment.