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Sunday Motivational #1

Self Portrait by Bonnie Rose Photography © 2007 – 2013 All Rights Reserved | 

It is the state in which you dwell‘, were the words spoken by photographer Sue Bryce this weekend.  She said that statement several times and though I had written it down in my notes after the first mention it continued to impact me with each repetition.  Before you read any further, ask yourself what that statement means to you.

   ‘It is the state in which you dwell’

For me it made me think of what I want out of life.  My needs, my goals, my dreams.  What am I doing today to help make all of that a reality.  What am I doing or what am I feeling that is stopping that from happening?  There are so many facets in my life where I could apply this statement but let us look just at blogging.  How many times have we let ourselves become discouraged in our blogs?  Are we blogging for ourselves or too meet someone else’s expectations?  Are we blogging from the heart and putting ourselves into our work or have we lost sight of our inspiration? Do we get caught up in the social media world of comparing ourselves to other bloggers and seeking validation for our efforts? Or are we blogging to give ourselves and the knowledge we have to others without needing anything in return? 
I think blogging, like so many other things in life, will have it’s ups and downs and we will need to work at keeping ourselves on track. To focus on they why and what it is we have to give.  No body can hold you back…we are the ones with that control.  I teach my sons that they are the only ones who can decide how they react to situations.  Why stress over what we have no control over.  If we want happiness, we give out happiness and surround ourself with happiness.  
I describe myself as a creative and a free spirit with a chameleon soul.  When I think about ‘It is the state in which you dwell’, it resonates in how I raise my boys.  We create at home together.  We all share the love of photography.  It has made me hope to find a place to live where I can have my own studio, a creative space where we can act on our inspirations.  I want to dwell in a creative world.    
I would love to know how you feel this statement can apply to your life.  Feel free to share a comment below. 

*Self Portrait by Bonnie Rose Photography © 2007 – 2013 All Rights Reserved |