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Panettone & Yammos in Bath, England

How to Make Panettone

I have to share with you a gem we have found here in Bath.  A Neapolitan restaurant called Yammo!

Having lived in Napoli, Italia as a child and later as a teen I have become a food snob when it comes to Italian food. I resist going to any so-called ‘Italian’ restaurants in the USA and only found one in Malibu, California that came close to the food on which I was brought up. We stumbled upon Yammo one evening for dinner as our stomachs were growling, not knowing what was in store for us.  I was taking by surprise by finding a restaurant owned by a man from Napoli and won over by the amazing food. I have never tasted a pizza that tasted like the pizza from my home in bella Napoli, until I went to Yammo. One taste of the sauce on the pizza margherita and I was transported back home. We have since decided it is our favourite resturant in Bath and have returned to dine in as well as to order pizza delivery to our home.

How to Make Panettone

For my birthday this year all I would have loved to go home to see my friends and ‘family’ in Napoli.  My husband got me the second best thing which was to attend a Panettone demonstration with Ottavia of Ottavia in Cucina at Yammo with a free coffee and tasting session.  I have only ever eaten panettone, never have I made one.  Last year my mum (known as ‘Nonna’) and sister came for Christmas and we were all gutted that we did not get a panettone to share for the holidays.  Needless to say I was very excited to be able to learn all the steps for making this Christmas treat from Italia.

How to Make Panettone How to Make Panettone How to Make Panettone

How to Make Panettone How to Make Panettone How to Make Panettone

I felt I had learned so much more than just how to make panettone from Ottavia at the panettone demonstration at Yammo.  Not only was I enjoying hearing her accent but she was filled with rich information about which ingredients will produce a better panettone and explaining the science behind cooking this yeasted rich bread.  In the photos above she shared tips of how to preserve the aroma from the orange zest by mixing it with your butter first, how to make your own candied fruits, the tools she uses for when she is kneading the dough, and how to hang your panettone upside down after it has finished baking.  How to Make Panettone How to Make Panettone How to Make Panettone How to Make Panettone

How to Make PanettoneThe demonstration was amazing. I only wish we could have made it there as part of the class. I did however get to buy panettone cases so I can try this at home.This was my first time having homemade panettone, having grown up eating the ones from the store for Christmas in Napoli, Italia.  It was really soft and the most delicious panettone I have ever eaten.  I cannot wait to make my own this year too!  Thank you so much to Ottavia and to Yammo for hosting such an amazing afternoon!

66 Walcot Street, Bath, BA1 5BD
For delivery call 01225 938328

Ottavia in Cucina

Q: Have you ever tried Italy’s beloved Panettone or made one at home?  




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25 Days of Christmas

Checking in on the Nutcracker this morning, Prince Ice, who was up last night playing cards with T.Rex for peanut m&ms.  Unfortunately with T.Rex’s limited arm reach and after the Maddox broke the Nutcracker by having him eat a jelly bean, neither of them could enjoy their winnings. So the treats were left for the boys to enjoy with a game of cards after school.


*photography by Bonnie Rose Photography © 2007 – 2013 All Rights Reserved |

25 Days of Christmas with the Nutcracker Prince


It is the first of December and hence forth commences the 25 Days of Christmas at our house.  We as a family have adopted many traditions from around the world in our travels including St. Nicholas from Germany, La Bafana from Italy, and Christmakah from the OC. It began with my parents who adopted Hanukah into our holiday traditions as well as those mentioned from our years living abroad as a military family.  Now these traditions are carried on with my children and it makes this time one of our favourites through out the year.  When I was a young girl living in England during the first Gulf War, my sister and I were visited by Ed the Elf.  My father was away fighting in the war and having this special guest during the holidays helped keep up the holiday cheer in our father’s absence.  Ed the Elf came every day and although we never saw him (unlike that creepy elf on the shelf), he always left little notes, quests, and goodies. Last year I attempted something similar with a Moose, whom I could not find when we relocated from Brighton to Bath.  So this year my husband and I decided to do something different.

The Nutcracker Prince | As a little girl I loved ballet and I loved the whole story of the Nutcracker. So when we found this cute little guy at our T.K. Maxx store in Bath, we decided to take him home as part of a new holiday tradition.  We stuck him inside a box, with a note in his mouth and some goodies tucked inside and put him outside our front door. However I think the Nutcracker Prince was a little too eager as my boys did not hear the first knock on the door and already was making his escape. 😉


Here is the Nutcracker Prince with his letter for today
and two bags of jelly beans were found inside for each of my boys.  25DaysofChristmas

The note told the boys that he had not a name nor a bed to sleep in and asked if they would give him both.
I know my eldest knows my handwriting, but my youngest seemed so tickled by our new house guest.

Maddox was eager to have him eat a jellybean and broke his handle off in the process.
So I have nicknamed my son ‘Fritz’.  The boys even started working on making him a bed.
Here he is pictured with a blanket after he got broken. He has since gotten fixed.
The boys decided to name him Prince Ice.

I will keep you posted through out the month on how our Nutcracker, Prince Ice,
is doing and the things he gets up to during the night while we sleep.


Q: Do you have any Holiday Traditions passed down from your families?

* Photography belongs to Bonnie Rose Photography © 2007 – 2013 All Rights Reserved |