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Pancake Day!

Today is the official Pancake Day! I did not know about this holiday until this week when I was in Sainsbury’s and saw a ‘Pancake Day’ display with all like items available for purchase.  With Ryan and I both having the day free, I met him in Brighton for lunch.  Technially this was my breakfast, but we had yummy crepe like pancakes.  Later on we met up with his university friend, Krista, and her boyfriend, Nick, for two rounds of Laser tag!  This was my first time playing and I was not the best player but it was so much fun! I really want to take the boys to go play.  For dinner we had pancakes again so that the boys could take part of this silly holiday.  Ryan made homemade pancakes with zucchini and I put nutella and fresh strawberries on mine. It was very declicious!

For breakfast we had two thin pancakes (almost crepe like) at a cafe in Brighton with lemon and sugar.  
Forza Napoli!
Laser Tag date with my partner.
Zucchini pancakes with nutella and strawberries for dinner.