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Pancake Day 2013

Pancake Day.  Could there be another day sweeter? Valentines Day is in two days time, but for now lets focus on the circular sweet goodness on my plate this morning.  Did I mention it was shaped like hearts?

Homemade Beet Pancakes are a perfect (all natural) colour option for Valentines Day. 
Traditional English Pancake with butter, sugar, and lemon served at Ella’s Yummy Delights in Brighton, England.
Homemade zucchini pancakes are a huge hit with my boys.  Here they are embellished with Nutella and fresh strawberries.
Heart shaped pancakes I made this morning with a sprinkling of a stevia & cinnamon mixture.

 Pancake Recipe:
140g flour
200ml whole milk
2 eggs
Unsalted butter for greasing

1. Start by sifting the flour into a medium sized bowl with a pinch of salt. Make a well in the center.  
2. In a separate bowl beat together two eggs, add the milk, and mix again.
3. Slowly pour the liquid into the well you created as you mix in the flour.  Do not over mix, just stir it all until all combined.
4. Melt the butter in a pan on medium heat. Once you hear the butter sizzling you can add the pancake mixture.  To make the hearts below use a spoon to pour the mixture slowly into a heart outline.  Then spoon some more pancake batter into the middle of the outline to fill in your heart.
5. Air bubbles will form when the pancake is ready to be flipped. If you have your heat on too high you will notice that when you flip your pancake it will be over cooked. Flip the pancake over with a spatula.  Once cooked on both sides place on the plate and repeat.

Extras:  If you would like to try out some of our veggie pancakes above (or just want to sneak in some extra nutrients for your family) you can add ingredients to the batter before you pour it on the pan.  For our Beets and Zucchini pancakes the vegetables are washed and then graded finely with a cheese grader or mandolin. We used two cups of beets to make pancakes for a family of four.  A little butter sometimes is all we need to top the veggie pancakes because they are so tasty!
51 Queens RoadBrightonEngland.

If you are in the Brighton area, I highly suggest stopping at Ella’s Yummy Delights. We enjoyed having our Pancake Day there last year and the service was lovely.  With their location near the Brighton rail station, it is a perfect first or last stop while you are in town. Thank you Ella’s for the delicious food!

*Photographs property of Bonnie Rose Photography © 2013
** Photograph of Ella’s Yummy Delights borrowed from their facebook page.

Someone who Inspires me

 love MAC 24-7. Mmmm pancakes.
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Inspiring mums I love for ‘Someone that inspires you’.
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Pancake Day!

Today is the official Pancake Day! I did not know about this holiday until this week when I was in Sainsbury’s and saw a ‘Pancake Day’ display with all like items available for purchase.  With Ryan and I both having the day free, I met him in Brighton for lunch.  Technially this was my breakfast, but we had yummy crepe like pancakes.  Later on we met up with his university friend, Krista, and her boyfriend, Nick, for two rounds of Laser tag!  This was my first time playing and I was not the best player but it was so much fun! I really want to take the boys to go play.  For dinner we had pancakes again so that the boys could take part of this silly holiday.  Ryan made homemade pancakes with zucchini and I put nutella and fresh strawberries on mine. It was very declicious!

For breakfast we had two thin pancakes (almost crepe like) at a cafe in Brighton with lemon and sugar.  
Forza Napoli!
Laser Tag date with my partner.
Zucchini pancakes with nutella and strawberries for dinner. 


The pictures in this go backwards:
Ronan looking cool and sporting an earring.
At starbucks with his soymilk steamer.
Playing at the Pirate Park.
The monkey going down the slide.
High fiving with a cool teen.
Several teen boys were quite taken with Maddox in his costume. They got him to give them high fives and gave him candy. It was quite adorable!
Ronan checking out some decorations.
Trying to get Max to hold onto the hook.
The three boys trick or treating.
On my way…
Ready to get some candy…and he always said thank you.
The pirates and the monkey
Father and sons.
Eating whole wheat pancakes for energy on our way to trick or treat.
Not too happy about getting his costume on.
Ronan the Pirate.
Maddox loves stickers and magnets.
Ronan chilling as usual.
Maddox found my espresso spoon and a bag of cotton balls. He would put a cotton ball in the spoon and then dump it in the halloween bucket. how cute.