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To Solsbury Hill at Sunset

It has been a good several weeks since we have gone on a country walk.  At first it started with choosing to go kayaking instead as the end of summer was approaching.  However, in the last few weeks we have been so busy that we have not been able to schedule in one of our favourite pastimes.  It is our favourite reason for choosing to live on the outskirts of Bath where country meets town. Being able to just walk outside of our house to go on a country walk is a simple pleasure we all enjoy.  So this Saturday, Ryan made sure we fit in a country walk even if it was getting closer to evening.  It was our goal to end up on Solsbury Hill to watch the sunset.  We saw cows, sheep, and a pair of each of the following animals: horses, deer, and rabbits.  The boys collected their first round up of conkers for the 2013 autumn season, to play against each other back at home.  Then we watched the sun go down as we made our way to to the top of Solsbury Hill, where we got to see all the twinkling lights of the towns down below.  It was our first evening hike and a great one to start off the season here in England.  I really hope then when we find our new place to live in the coming months it is close enough to the country so we can continue this favourite weekend ritual of our expat life. 

*photography by Bonnie Rose Photography © 2007 – 2013 All Rights Reserved |

Weekend Walks: Solsbury Hill

If you follow my blog you know that my husband and I love living in England.
One of our favourite things to do is go on walks on the weekend.
When the weather is really wet sometimes we hide inside.
But today it was not only warm, but the sun was out along with the blue skies.
You know the amazing view I talk about seeing from our living room window?
The beautiful hills dotted with cute white sheep?
Well we finally went to the very top of it today.
We started at our church and walked up to find it is indeed Solsbury Hill.
Just like the song. 
It is beautiful and I will be sharing photos of more Batheaston landscape
and of course more sheep.  There were even more lamb out today.
We had a wonderful time and made it back just in time for the 
Arsenal game.  Ryan made homemade chips to accompany our Carlsberg.
It has been a great day with the familia. 
Hope you are enjoying your weekend!
With my boys, Ronan and Maddox, on top of Solsbury Hill in Batheaston. 
My  husband and his wellies, a must have for our country walks.
Ryan made homemade chips to eat while we watched some Football. Go Gunners! 

*Bonnie Rose Photography © 2013 All Rights Reserved |
** Bonnie Rose on Instagram – @thebonnierose