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Photography: The Spitting Caves of Hawaii

For today’s throwback photography post we head to the exquisite Spitting Caves found on Oahu, Hawaii. My model for this shoot was Tasha Woodfall, my make up artist Melissa Hurley, with hair and photography by myself. While the three of us had not all worked together before I had been Tasha’s hair & make up artist on shoots with two different photographers and Melissa and I worked together frequently during our time on the island. We tailgated at the parking lot of a near by Starbucks to do hair and makeup before heading to the Spitting Caves. I had seen this place in photographs before and as one of the sets used on LOST, but this was my first time seeing it for myself. While it is nice to location scout before hand, walking out here was like taking a child to a candy store. My eyes were wide open as my head looked around and my mind thinking of all the shots I wanted to get while we were there. While we did have to work around a few tourists that showed up during our shooting, we pretty much had the location for ourselves. I just adore the way the layers of the rock shone beneath the sun, the colour of the ocean, and the way the water did ‘spit up’ against the caves. It was on my list of places to shoot before I moved and I could not have asked for a better team that morning. I hope you enjoy! 

Q: Have you ever been to the Spitting Caves? Have you ever been Cliff Diving? 
(I ask because that is one thing I have never done before)

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