Maddox’s Superhero party at the Bowling Alley

Maddox’s Super Hero party at the bowling alley was quite fun. We had 13 boys in total and our party hostess took care of pretty much everything. The other parents made a lot of comments on all the details we put together for party. I think the consensus was that I should become a party planner. The photo booth went well though we did just one group shot since it was hard enough to wrangle all the boys together for a photo. The cake pops did not pass the decoration phase and our ‘plan b’ cake got left at home by mistake. So we are going to enjoy the cake on Maddox’s actual birthday. I have had very little sleep with party prep…pretty much exhausted.

Bridesmaid hair today at work. Stylist: Bonnie Rose
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‘Birds': We like to watch the ducks after church on Sundays.
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‘Something that makes you happy': Finding a bespoke dresser that looks like a dollhouse.
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My take on Wonder Woman for my son’s superhero party.
Want to see more photos from the party? Stay tuned…