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Maddox’s Superhero party at the Bowling Alley

Maddox’s Super Hero party at the bowling alley was quite fun. We had 13 boys in total and our party hostess took care of pretty much everything. The other parents made a lot of comments on all the details we put together for party. I think the consensus was that I should become a party planner. The photo booth went well though we did just one group shot since it was hard enough to wrangle all the boys together for a photo. The cake pops did not pass the decoration phase and our ‘plan b’ cake got left at home by mistake. So we are going to enjoy the cake on Maddox’s actual birthday. I have had very little sleep with party prep…pretty much exhausted.

Bridesmaid hair today at work. Stylist: Bonnie Rose
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‘Birds': We like to watch the ducks after church on Sundays.
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‘Something that makes you happy': Finding a bespoke dresser that looks like a dollhouse.
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My take on Wonder Woman for my son’s superhero party.
Want to see more photos from the party? Stay tuned…

Popart Superhero Birthday Party

Maddox as Batman for his 5th Birthday party at the bowling alley.  He chose the theme of Justice League and I tied in a little Pop Art to give it an added PUNCH! (No pun intended)
Older brother, Ronan, went as Green Lantern.
Batman & Green Lantern before the party commences. 
Batman, Superman, and Green Lantern. 
11 boys (plus two younger ones not pictured) all together.  England is not so big on dressing up for things. We had2 boys that were Justice League themed, one marvel superhero, one Indiana Jones (um, might have gotten confused from Ronan’s party invite back in January?),  one police officer, and four in plain street clothes.  I think in hindsight I should have just had Maddox dress up and made capes for all the other kids for better themed photo.  Or try it again in the USA. 
This was our party host who orchestrated the whole bowling party.  She was amazing.  Keeping 11 boys under the age of 9 in line while dealing with heavy bowling balls is not an easy feat. 
Maddox and boys lining up to start bowling. 
Maddox bowling at his birthday party. 
The birthday banner I made from Flash comics with Maddox’s name on it. We used it to decorate the party table. 
The party bags that I made with the Pop Art comic book theme. I bought a bag of confetti and glued each dot on, one at a time. 
The table center piece  with the pop art dots and an M (for Maddox) and a 5 (for his age) which I collaged in Flash and DC comics. 
Each boy got a photo frame/thank you card that I collaged individually in comics. 
Another look at the photo frame/thank you cards. 
Since the cake pops fell through, I decorated lollipops with masks and capes.  Using a two tier cake stand, I decorated it with the cup cake toppers I made. 
Another look at the center piece. 
Wonder Woman and Batman gift tags. 
I believe all the photo frame/thank you cards were Flash themed.  
Maddox telling his dad, Superman, how much fun he is having at his party. 
Holy Cupcakes Batman it is time for food! (Sadly with the cake pops not turning out, we ended up leaving the back up cake at home. So no singing at this party.  Thats okay because they don’t eat birthday cake at the kid parties in England. 
As the kids were getting ready to leave, we quickly rounded up a few of them for a very quick photo with the felt masks I sewed and put in each of the goodie bags.

Photography by Bonnie Rose © Bonnie Rose Photography 2012 All Rights Reserved. 

The Night Before

‘Kitchen': Ours is my husband’s man cave because he loves cooking.
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‘Hog & Mollusks’ for dinner.

Painting at 1am.

‎9pm I did a 3 hour online photography course, followed by making cake pops. Now at 1245am I’m starting an acrylic painting. Sleep? Nah.

Happiest Memory & Favourite Word

I have been pretty busy getting things ready for Maddox’s birthday party.  There is not a good selection for what he wants online and I definitely can not find anything here in England. So below you’ll see what I have been up too so far.  I took comic book sheets and made a banner with Maddox’s name on it and even some cute cupcake toppers with the Pop art theme. What do you think?  

A portion of the banner I made for Maddox’s birthday party.
It has a total of 12 triangular flags from old Flash comics.
‘Happiest Memory': Giving birth to my sons Ronan and Maddox.
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Possible cupcake topper.
avourite Word: Serendipity
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Not sure what a Madeira cake is, but it tastes like a pound cake and an angelfood cake had a baby. I hope it works okay for the cake pops.

I’m watching creativetechs’s live broadcast on Family Portraiture @Ustream! Come join me

Have been humming James Bond songs in my head all morning.

Comics & Monogram

Comic book shop finds for my sons 5th birthday coming up. #comics

The M collage of Flash I made for my son Maddox.
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I am about to select which of these make it to be Maddox’s birthday presents, and which ones will be less fortunate and get to be mutilated and cut up so that I can make cute photo frames for the gift bags. Just taking the Flash ones from the 90’s out of the plastic sleeves is making me want to turn around and look for Sheldon’s disapproval. I’m getting a little anxious about the cake pops I need to make on Friday. First time making them and I really hope they a) turn out alright b) taste amazing c) look pretty Anyone make them before have any tips, advice, or flavour ideas that they like the best? I am making ‘superhero’ ones for 10 boys ages 4 – 9.

‘No socks.’ #maycreative #photoadaychallange
‘A smell I Adore’ is the discontinued Tahiti Coconut & Vanilla lotion by Bath & Body Works
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Found the Justice League comics in Brighton that I need for Maddox’s birthday. Headed home to start making superhero party decorations.

Nature & You

Self portrait for ‘You’
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‘Nature’ walk and take time to smell the flowers.
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The masks I’m seeing by hand, embellished with a superhero logo for my son Maddox birthday party.


Maddox’s birthday is coming up and so it is time to start getting his party planning into order.  If you remember I made Ronan’s Indiana Jones invitations back in January.  For Maddox’s party this year he wanted a Super Hero party…more specifically a DC Justice League party.  I decided to tie his theme together with a Comic Book Pop Art look.  Here are the double sided invitations that I made tonight. The dots I think took the most time. Maddox says he really likes them and I look forward to making the decorations.

Handmade invitations for Maddox’s Superhero party

‘Circle’. #photoadaychallange
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Pulled Pork with Kale-slaw and celery sticks. Kale-slaw made with homemade mayonnaise
made with avocado oil, s&p, garlic, mustard powder, and egg.
Vibrant purple blooms outside our flat.
Boys got a £1 coin for helping mummy tidy this afternoon. Off to Sainsburys to get a special treat.

Jasmine Star Quote: “At the end of the day you can take mistakes and turn them around. Dont pay to play.” @creativeLIVE

‎”Sometimes we give up our dreams for safety & comfort. But I was ready to risk safety & comfort for my dreams.” – @jasminestar