Valentines Day Gift

I have been asked ‘What and why would be the best gift idea’ for Valentines Day?’ 
For me days such as these are another excuse for me to have my DSLR out and my iphone camera ready to take photographs of memories to share and cherish.  The most important aspect of my life is my family and those precious moments we share together.  The best gift I could give or receive would be a memory for us.  One of my favourite things about living in England is being outside and taking country walks.  A Valentines day themed picnic  would be a perfect place to stage the day.  They say ‘that the way to man’s heart is through to his stomach’ and bringing themed foods like bacon hearts and chocolate dipped bacon roses would definitely make my husband happy.  To be fair though I would be just as happy. Definitely a pretty out doors location, good company, good food, good wine, and photographs to remember the moment forever. 

With much thanks to Pinterest these images are not mine, and you can find out more about them by clicking: 1) Valentines Day Picnic with themed Stationary 2) Bacon Hearts 3) Lamb Rose Bouquet which is something I would love to give to my Valentine.

 For the meat lover in your life! “Beef Bouquet” by British butcher Antony Bowness of Quality Standard Beef and Lamb located in Tewkesbury, England”

Let me ask you now:  What would be your best Valentines day gift idea and why?

  • circleofchaos

    This is very nice…I like your blog.
    Maybe follow each other on bloglovin?
    Let me know follow you then back.:-)
    Lovely greets Nessa
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    • Bonnie Rose


      Thank you so much. I would love to follow you on BlogLovin’ I will add now and then comment on your blog so you know. Hope you have a great weekend!

  • Katie

    a picnic like that would be wonderful! i agree a memory is a great gift!

    • Bonnie Rose

      Yes, I just hope it does not rain on the never know with England 😉 Thank you for commenting Katie.

      Bonnie Rose

  • Hanna

    Great ideas! Thanks for your sweet comment! I am hoping 3 kids doesn’t totally push us over the edge!
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend BOnnie!!!
    oxoxo hanna

    • Bonnie Rose

      Thank you Hanna, and I love your blog. If anything with three kids will be full of memories for you all to share. :) Have a great weekend too Hanna xx