Bristol Fashion Week Live Blogging Event

I met a lot of other cool bloggers today.
With the other Fashion Bloggers at BFW Blog Event today.
Sneek preview of the event before it begins.
Reception beforehand with cupcakes and drinks.
Spring is about a lot of colours and patterns!
The audience was filled with VIP ticket holders and fashion bloggers who were blogging live!
The main tent for Bristol Fashion Week
Monochromatic is big this season!
Hense my outfit choice.  I had my cameras ready to go for the event!
The Live Blogging Event was so much fun and filled with a lot of energy from the models and the hosts.
So here I am before I left for the Fashion Event. I took time to curl my hair and it decided to rain really hard outside.
Here I am afterwards…can you tell how much fun I had?  If you cannot, do not fret.  I will be blogging tomorrow all about it!
Expect a lot of photos adn I will be writing an article for the Bristish Style Bloggers too!  Hope you enjoyed the live tweets and the first photos from my phone.  Just wait until you see all the great fashions for Spring 2013!
*photographs belong to Bonnie Rose Photography © 2013 All Rights Reserved |
  • Samantha Curtis

    I’m SO jealous! How fun!

  • Tammy Jorrak Cagle

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  • Tammy Jorrak Cagle

    Love this!

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