Love Week: Jade – ‘Why I Love My Husband’

Today is the second day of love week and I am so excited to introduce you to one of my Expat blogger friends, Jade, from London. Technically Jade is from Australia and she lives in London with her husband living the expat life. She has been so helpful to me in recent weeks with questions about visas and landlords. Honestly expat life would be so lonely without an amazing friend like Jade. Though we have not met in person she is someone I already talk about with my husband as one of my friends and look forward to our first blate. Thank you Jade for being able to guest post for me while we are in Wales. Cheers!

Hello everyone! I’m Jade and I’m an Aussie expat living in the amazing city of London, England. When Bonnie approached me to guest post on her blog for Love Week, I was happy to accept and excited to have a chance to write about my experience with love. I have been married now for seven years and living overseas for the same amount of time as we moved six months after our wedding.

When my husband and I first met, I was nineteen and loving life as a single girl in a vibrant city. We were introduced by a mutual friend who though we might enjoy the company of each other on our long commute from our outer Western suburb of Sydney in to town each day. After only a few short months of knowing each other, we had moved in together and were already planning our first attempt at becoming an expat couple in the UK. Sadly, it was not meant to be and we had to put off our adventure until 2007. I think making the decision to pack up and move over to the other side of the world isn’t one to take lightly and to do so, with only one person you know, takes guts and a whole lot of love, so I want to share with you five reasons why I love my husband so much that I packed my bags and moved to London for him!

  1. He lets me play stupid computer games instead of doing housework. Not every day but one day a week, he gives me a free pass to muck around online & play dolls with The Sims 3 as much as I want. He met and married a computer addict and surprisingly, it’s only taken ten years to come to terms with it!

  2. He understands that I need to see my family and spares no expense to make it happen. I last visited Australia in 2011. I was originally going for two weeks after a contract finished. I ended up staying for three months so I could spend Christmas with my family. He didn’t mind one bit. He also doesn’t mind that I’ve decided just today that I want to go home again soon, so he’s been searching flights for me

  3. He bought me a puppy to keep me company. We are a child-free family and intend staying that way until we go back to Australia, which means there is a high chance that we may actually not have children at all. That doesn’t mean that I don’t want something to love on when times are tough and I’m missing my family. After our first six months in London, I had my first ever homesickness experience and was so upset – G came home from work with a picture of a puppy in a frame and a note to say that I would be receiving a parcel in six to eight weeks. Sure enough, a puppy in a Royal Mail plastic box arrived to the day, eight weeks later! (Note – we are not reckless puppy purchasers! We had been thinking about it for ages, but I had not been in touch with our landlord to find out if we could have permission for a small animal, secretly, the Mr had already sorted it all out!)


                        2. He might have been places I haven’t been but he wants to experience them through my eyes for the first time. He’s been to far more places than I have, although I am slowly catching up. When I suggest a city he might have already been to for a visit, he doesn’t say no, because he knows how much I love to experience new places and have new adventures and he’s more than happy to play tour guide. He says that seeing my face light up is his favourite thing about traveling.
                        3. He challenges me every single day. Life isn’t perfect and neither should your relationship be. We both have faults and he’s quite happy to help me become a better person by challenging my thoughts & actions if he thinks they’re wrong. He’s never rude about it, he’s simply presenting a new point of view to help me become the best person I can be.

                        It might seem trite, but having the love of my life on the adventure of a lifetime has made it just so much better. I love being in love and I wish for everyone to have love in their life!

                        Happy Anniversary Bonnie & Ryan – may you enjoy another ten and more together!

                        • Bonnie Rose

                          Thanks Jade for sharing this! I really liked getting a sneak peek into your relationship and the reasons that make it special. It sounds like you really feel cherished for being yourself and that’s so beautiful! :)

                        • Bonnie Rose

                          Lovely to read, Jade – I love to hear stories about relationships and how they work together. I cannot wait to see my husband again and start creating some more memories with him.
                          Thanks for sharing!

                        • Bonnie Rose

                          Jade it was so great seeing so many photos of you guys and reading about your relationship. My favourite part was number five because that is so huge in a relationship. Its easy to be judgmental or to be defensive but to understand that our partner wants the best for us and is helping us be the best we can be is so powerful. I really felt this was such a powerful piece because of that and thank you for taking the time to share this with us Jade. Hopefully soon we can meet up! x