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I am pleased to announce that the premiere course for B.Lux photography courses is now open for registration!  
As of now there are six other courses in the works to be added to the B. Lux family at Bonnie Rose Photography. 
The photography 101 course, B. In Focus, will begin on the 21st of October, 2013.  

Introducing B. In Focus, the premiere course by Bonnie Rose Photography

B. IN FOCUS: What is in a name? As photographers we want to capture with our cameras what we see with our eyes. The goal for this course is to make shooting in manual not intimidating or overwhelming. B. In Focus teaches you how to take control of your equipment and your creative eye to produce work that keeps inspiring you to carry on!

Course Details: This course is for anyone who wants to learn how to get their camera to do what they want it to in manual. Whether you shoot with a SLR or a Point & Shoot, if your camera has manual settings you can take this course.

This course is for beginners to intermediates who either:
  • shoot only in automatic 
  • have no clue what they are doing in manual 
  • rely on ‘training wheels’ like Aperture Priority and Shutter Priority modes 
  • want more confidence with a refresher in manual settings
In this course we look at both the technical side of using your camera and the creative side of being a photographer. 
Two aspects that put together will improve your photography skills.

Your Online Class Includes:

  • Four weeks of online lessons on www.bonnie-rose.co.uk
  • Log-in details that will be emailed on the Sunday before your course begins. 
  • Lessons begin every Monday which include text, images, and video. 
  • Assignments which are given on Monday and due every Sunday. 
  • Mentoring with Bonnie Rose through out the fours weeks. 

B.Lux | Mentoring:
Beyond a course of online information, B. Lux photography courses include a mentoring program with your instructor, Bonnie Rose, through out the four weeks. Get the ‘in person’ feel of a live workshop in the convenience of taking the course on your own time where ever in the world you live. Mentoring includes: 

  • Email correspondence 
  • Feedback on assignments 
  • Weekly image critiques 
  • Submit questions for answering


  • Making the switch from auto to manual 
  • Four steps to shooting in manual 
  • White balance and colour control 
  • Aperture, depth of field, background blur and bokeh 
  • ISO and controlling grain 
  • Shutter Speed 
  • Metering Modes 
  • Working with different types of lighting 
  • Working with shadows and finding your light 
  • Reading your camera’s histogram 
  • Composition 
  • 10 Ways to Create Interest in a photograph 
  • Unleashing your creativity 


If that was not enough on top of the four week instruction you get an extra week for catching up and review. There is no assignment in this week although a final project for the course is due at the end of this period. 

  • A bonus week to review. 
  • Final project with submission into the B.Lux Alumni album. 
  • Membership to join the B.Lux private Facebook group. 
  • Optional B.Lux Instagram hashtag project

GEAR NEEDED Students will need to have a digital camera for this course, which can be a SLR or a point and shoot with manual capability. No specific lenses are required for this course. Access to a computer with internet will be needed to do your lessons and complete your assignments.

COURSE COST  Originally £65.00   £55.25 per person / if purchased before 3rd of November, 2013
* Offering everyone a special introductory rate for the course if you purchase before the 3rd of November. B. In Focus will be starting on the 21st of October and the 4th of November. Lock in this special price for either two course dates!

CANCELLATION POLICY A full refund is available if the cancelation is made 36 hours before the beginning of the course. Cancellations within 36 hours to the beginning of the course will be issued a credit for a future course. No refunds or credits will be issued once a course begins. If the B.Lux course is cancelled by Bonnie Rose for any reason, full payment will be returned.

COURSE START DATES The B. In Focus course begins twice a month for new students on the first and third Mondays. There are five dates for B. In Focus for the rest of 2013.
2013: 21 Oct | 4 Nov | 18 Nov | 2 Dec | 16 Dec



*B.Lux are photographic services offered by Bonnie Rose Photography | http://www.bonnie-rose.co.uk

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/05022023043718407104 Bonnie Rose

    This makes me so excited for you! Congrats on launching this :) Do you know if you’ll be doing this again in the spring time? I’d love to join in but am far too busy in my last semester at Uni.


  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/05022023043718407104 Bonnie Rose

    I need to get a decent camera before getting involved in something like this, do you think you’ll be doing it again at a later date?!

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/05022023043718407104 Bonnie Rose

    Kate these are the dates I will be doing it in 2013: 21 of OCtober, 4 of November, 18 of November, 2 December, and 16 of December. in 2014 I will be adding future courses as well. Basically it will be continuing and growing from here on out. All you need for this course is a camera that can shoot in manual. Most compact cameras, point and shoot, as I call them will have manual capabilities.

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/05022023043718407104 Bonnie Rose

    Sweet! Look for your welcome information to the class tomorrow! x

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/05022023043718407104 Bonnie Rose

    Thank you so much Sara Beth! I will be, I hope to be growing this through out the rest of 2013 and into 2014. I have 7 other courses I already have named and wanting to add to the B.Lux family. Look forward to seeing you in 2014 :) x