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Sweet stuff

 I will admit that I love to do special things for my boys and spoil them when I can.  So with Ryan gone and a bad sweet tooth myself, we had breakfast at Starbucks before school.  Starbucks is the only place on the way to school since we walk and do not have a car.  I let each of my sons choose what they wanted, within reason, and had hot cocoa to warm up from the cold.  When I picked them up after school we decided we would have takeaway as a special treat for dinner.  It is pretty much just curry or chinse, though there is a ‘Chippy’ (Fish & Chips joint) a little further away.  We opted for Chinese and brought it home to eat.  The boys love getting Lemon chicken and fried rice with egg.  I chose the spiciest option, but sadly not as spicy as I would like.

Ronan and his donut choice. 
Maddox and his pastry choice. 
Chinese takeaway… its the mexican ‘to go’ from England.