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Fun Foods for Kids!

With it being the final week of Summer I have favoured the last of warm weather to wear our shorts and summer tanks.  We are still unsure about when we are coming home to England so I have been finding things to keep our days fun.  What better to keep their interest than fun food!  Today I made them ‘Octopus Speghetti’ for lunch with Turkey hotdogs and whole wheat spegetti. It was pretty simple to make. First I cut each hotdog into four sections.  I wanted the octopus to have eight arms so I punctured the noodles into the center until the ‘arms’ were even on each side.  Once the water had boiled I put the Octopuses into the pot and as the noodles started to cook they sunk down far enough to cook evenly.  Once they were cooked and drained I covered it up with some leftover sauce and voilà!  It was definitely a huge hit with my boys.

This week we started it off with a cookout with friends of the family at the park.  Another time for hot dogs, this time grilled over a fire pit.  My boys do not eat a lot of hotdogs, so they were much more excited about the dessert: S’mores!  We had fun roasting the marshmallows and trying not to catch them on fire.  Better yet pairing them with chocolate and putting them in between two graham crackers.  Its been a great week and I look forward to Fall starting tomorrow!

‘Octopus Spaghetti’ made from turkey hotdogs and whole wheat spaghetti.  
Before & After of the cooking process. 
Roasting hot dogs over the fire pit at the park. 

Roasting marshmallows for S’mores.
My S’more 
Here I am roasting a marshmallow for my sons’ s’mores. 
The boys playing with the Playmobil© toy lot found at a yard sale this last week. Its been a huge hit!

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The Muppet Movie and Thai in Brighton

Headed back in the cold to go to Brighton 
Maddox ready for some food!

Window candles at the Thai restaurant 

Hot Green Tea

The boys love Thai food!

Fun family time

Ryan on his phone

Ronan cleaned his plate…as did Maddox. Good boys!

Left over Valentines decorations

Pretty pink pout. 

Muppet Movie Madness!

Love Love LOVE Miss Piggy!

Snow Day!

After going to bed knowing there would be much more snow on the ground, we were all quite excited to wake up and play in it.  The boys and I got dressed for the snow and then headed out to get breakfast on the way and a sledge (a sled in the US).  We went to the football park nestled in the middle of the town where there were quite a bit of inclines perfect for sledging.  We   had fun also making snowman, throwing snowballs, and making snow angels.  Ryan came and met us after work and by the time we went back home we had been in the snow for three hours!  I love being in the snow and I was pleasantly surprised to find the snow was so perfect for so many snowy activities.  The boys were very eager to get some hot cocoa back on the way home and talk about all the fun they had in the snow.  It was a great way to finish up the weekend.

The boys once we got to the park. 

Sweet stuff

 I will admit that I love to do special things for my boys and spoil them when I can.  So with Ryan gone and a bad sweet tooth myself, we had breakfast at Starbucks before school.  Starbucks is the only place on the way to school since we walk and do not have a car.  I let each of my sons choose what they wanted, within reason, and had hot cocoa to warm up from the cold.  When I picked them up after school we decided we would have takeaway as a special treat for dinner.  It is pretty much just curry or chinse, though there is a ‘Chippy’ (Fish & Chips joint) a little further away.  We opted for Chinese and brought it home to eat.  The boys love getting Lemon chicken and fried rice with egg.  I chose the spiciest option, but sadly not as spicy as I would like.

Ronan and his donut choice. 
Maddox and his pastry choice. 
Chinese takeaway… its the mexican ‘to go’ from England.