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Wedding: My Mum on my Wedding Day

Photography by Angela Alexander of Little Rock, AR | All rights Reserved
Photography by Angela Alexander of Little Rock, AR | All rights Reserved

These are some of my favourite candid shots taken of my mum on my wedding day by our photographer, Angela Alexander.  I had previous spoken with Angela about how I did want some colour photographs but that I really loved the look of black and white.  Now looking back at my wedding photographs of almost ten years past I still have to agree.  Theres a way the black and white film just freezes the moment.  Of course you cannot tell that my mum is currently sporting the ‘Sharon Osborne’ bright red violet hair (that coincidentally matched my wedding colours quite well) but the cinematic feel holds you into the frame.

I planned most of the wedding all by myself with the approval of my now husband.  We found a lot of ways to get things that I really wanted in a more affordable DIY fashion like the flowers as mentioned last week.  Then there are all the special details that my mum did which made the day complete.

Veil: I told my mum that I wanted a drop veil style with a train, similar to Princess Grace Kelly. Instead of just buying one she made one for me and it got perserved with my wedding gown after the wedding.

Crown: I have always been a little obsessed with the royal family in England since I was old enough to know that I had English citizenship.  I used to have pictures of a young prince William and his mum on my vanity as a small girl.  My mum found me a replica of Lady Diana’s crown to wear on my wedding and it definitely made me feel like a princess.

Jewelry: Both my necklace and my earrings came from my mum.  I am quite picky when it comes to jewelry and yet she picked out the perfect pieces to fit not only my current style but my gown and the crown.

Garter:  My mum and I have both made wedding garters as gifts for our friends when they get married. It only seemed natural that she would make my garter.  She included special charms to fit the theme and my name (middle name Rose) and I keep it safe now with my other wedding momentos.

Flowers:  The night before my wedding my mum orchestrated the ‘flower making’ with my bridal party to put together our DIY bouquets from the roses I ordered.  She personally made my bouquet which I just adored.

Flower Girls:  I had little fairy girls for our wedding and my mum made them the cutest fairy flower girl dresses included with wings.  She also had the idea of them holding huge flowers that were big as the little girls that carried them.  Overall it was a perfect look.

As I plan my Vow Renewal for August I really appreciate all the little and big things my mum contributed to the original wedding and hope you enjoyed looking through these with me too.

Q: What are some details of your wedding that were special for you?

Bonnie Rose

Mothering Sunday

Today is Mothering Sunday in England.  
Let me wish all the new mums in England a wonderful first Mum’s Day!  
(Shout out to Lauren at Aspring Kennedy
This morning we had a delicious paleo breakfast of eggs, bacon and avocado with our tea.
In the typical rush fashion of getting the four of us ready for Church,
we arrived late fashionably on time.  
I do love walking briskly up the road as the church bells beckon us near.
Ronan and Maddox were asked to be in the morning procession, 
with Ronan carrying the cross towards the front.  
Maddox, in younger brother mode, made some sort of silly face 
as he followed up behind.
I was really touched seeing Ronan, my eight year old, pass out all the flower bouquets
to the mums in church today.  He is growing up to be such a sweet gentleman.
Its hard to believe that I’ve been a mum for eight years now.
So many friends of mine are having babies and my youngest is nearly six.
I would be lying if I said I did not have baby on the brain. 
Children are such a blessing and I cannot imagine life without my boys. 
A little shout out also to my mum (aka ‘Nonna’) who gave birth to me thirty years ago
in Oxford, England and paved the way for this expat living abroad. 
My mum is spoiled.  She gets Mothering Sunday with me
and Mother’s Day with my sister Zoë.
Love you mum. 

More Rain

Just spent the evening having a ‘Mummy and boys’ night while Ryan is doing his thing at Chatham house in London. I wish it was not a school night and I did not have a long work day tomorrow. Would have loved to stretch our fun night out longer. I love my two little men.

Another rainy walk to school.
‘Black & White': Our wall art.
#photoadayapril #photoadaychallange

Mothering Sunday

My boys woke me up on Mothering Sunday with homemade cards from school, flowers, and chocolates. 
Maddox with his card for me. 
I loved the pink roses!
Ronan withs his daffodil card, so cute! 
Inside Maddox’s card 
Inside Ronan’s card. Love that bee! 
Pink roses are so beautiful. 
Closer look at Ronan’s card.  
Dinner for Mother Sunday.  This was my first time eating the marrow from the bone too. 

Its officially Mother’s Day in England. Happy Mothering Sunday to all the mums. #lovemyboys
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Just devoured dark chocolate covered strawberries that my husband made for me. So yummy! #lovemylife

Woke up to boys wishing me happy Mother’s day w/ pink roses, chocolates, and cards. I love my boys so much! Their smiles light up my life ♥

Sweet stuff

 I will admit that I love to do special things for my boys and spoil them when I can.  So with Ryan gone and a bad sweet tooth myself, we had breakfast at Starbucks before school.  Starbucks is the only place on the way to school since we walk and do not have a car.  I let each of my sons choose what they wanted, within reason, and had hot cocoa to warm up from the cold.  When I picked them up after school we decided we would have takeaway as a special treat for dinner.  It is pretty much just curry or chinse, though there is a ‘Chippy’ (Fish & Chips joint) a little further away.  We opted for Chinese and brought it home to eat.  The boys love getting Lemon chicken and fried rice with egg.  I chose the spiciest option, but sadly not as spicy as I would like.

Ronan and his donut choice. 
Maddox and his pastry choice. 
Chinese takeaway… its the mexican ‘to go’ from England. 

Football in the Park (and the rain!

It is just the boys and I for the rest of the week while Ryan is away on a trip with his classmates.  Despite  not having their dad here, I aim to keep life fun.  Even though England is giving us some pretty miserable weather, I took the boys to the park straight from school.  I did not really plan on the mud and right away we were all slipping and slidding. Or to be fair, I was the one slipping and almost biting it hard in the mud.  To add to the theatrics, the boys afterwards were ready to take aim at my backside with the muddy football. It was lots of laughter and smiles and we had a whole bunch of fun.

I took the boys to the park after school to play football.
It was wet and muddy but we had quite a bit of fun never the less.
The rain really started to come down but frowns were nowhere in sight. 
After homework we watched TRON from the 80’s with dinner. 
Keeping the diet Ryan cooks we had Salmon for our meal.