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My Vow Renewal Dress

Today is a three day weekend in England as it is a Bank Holiday Monday.  A perk of living the expat life in the UK.  While my husband and I take it easy today (really worked our muscles yesterday on a 5 hour kayaking trip on the canals and rivers in Bath, England) I wanted to surprise you all with a sneak from our Vow Renewal in Wales.  I did end up wearing my original wedding gown for my 10th Wedding Anniversary.  I took out the zipper in the back, sewed in loops, and laced the dress up with ribbon.
 My head piece is something I bought while living in Hawaii for one of my fashion concept photo shoots.  I snagged a whole bunch of props before we left for Wales not sure what we would use or not. I put this on just to play around with the look and everyone really loved it, so it stayed on.  It was nice having a bit of home in Hawaii with us on our Vow Renwal day.  I am pictured here at Portmeirion, Wales by my photographer husband who took a few shots while we were waiting for our party.  It was so rewarding being able to wear the same dress again, ten years later, to say new vows to my husband.  Even more special to do so with our intimate group of family and friends. 

Photographed by Ryan Aherin and Edited by Bonnie Rose Photography © 2007 – 2013 All Rights Reserved |
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* Photography belongs to Bonnie Rose Photography © 2007 – 2013 All Rights Reserved |

Weekly Wishes #3

Most European calendars start the week on Monday and it is why I  love starting off my Mondays with Weekly Wishes.  As an update on Weekly Wishes #1, I went on my first audition in nine years yesterday.  I know my accent was not perfect, but I still had a lot of fun.  In place of being nervous I realised I have a lot of work to do in getting used to cold readings again.  There is nothing worse than holding a script in your hand and getting that moment of disconnect when trying to locate the next line. It has fueled the fire of my passion for theatre and I am not searching out for more auditions to attend.  I already have one next month circled on my calendar. For Weekly Wishes#2 I have started to make a dent on the weeding out of clothes.  Actually I have a great start on my kids’ clothing too!  My kids mostly wear school uniforms, dressy casual (jeans and button up dress shirts), and pyjamas.  Through outside family they have acquired all these clothes they never wear.  I have stacks of brand new clothes that I am going to sell on ebay since the boys will not wear them.  So we are getting closer to the finish line with the ‘Spring Cleaning’.  
Weekly Wishes # 3 
w i s h e s  f o r   t h i s   w e e k   
My wedding gown.  If you have missed out on the story about my custom made gown I had talked about how the zipper had broken in my ‘Crushed’ Self Portrait post. While I know we could get the zipper fixed I am not going to be able to get a corset in time for our Vow Renewal in a couple of weeks. Since I wore a corset with this dress 10 years ago I have decided to go another route.  Today I will be taking out the zipper and attempting to make it a lace back instead.  So my weekly wish is that I can accomplish this successfully as we leave on Saturday of next week for Wales.  My American expat friend is going to be helping me this week with her sewing machine and we seem pretty confident that we can pull this off.  I am going to be wearing flats since we plan to be out in the countryside of Snowdonia and I want to be able to walk without falling down on uneven surfaces.  This means I can take up the hem and use that extra fabric to accomplish the goal.  Fingers crossed! 
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‘Crushed’ Bridal Self Portrait

'Crushed' Self Portrait by Bonnie Rose Photography © 2013 All Rights Reserved
‘Crushed’ Self Portrait by Bonnie Rose Photography © 2013 All Rights Reserved
There are fifty days until our tenth wedding anniversary and vow renewal ceremony in the Snowdonia region of Wales. Final travel arrangements are being confirmed and my to do list is being prioritized.  There has been one task that I have been putting off until ‘closer to the date’.  My husband urged me this weekend to finally try on my wedding gown.  It has been perserved in a box, inside another box for safe keeping since our wedding in 2003.  In the last ten years it has been moved six times and lucky has never been lost or damaged.  Taking the gown out of the box and feeling the smooth duchess satin, I was reminded just how much I loved this gown.  I had fallen in love with the idea of it once I laid eyes on the blue sash gown by Amsale in my Knot magazine. Since it cost as much as my entire wedding budget I found a seamstress in town to make a replica for a fifth of the cost.  Other than choosing to keep the sash the same colour of the gown it was a perfect comparison.  I honestly could wear this gown every day for the rest of my life because it is that beautiful to me.  I could never sell it and would love to see my future daughter wear it one day.  Be it as a wedding gown, or repurposed for a baby. 
Another reason I had been putting off trying it on was that there were three issues before me.  Aside from having only worn it once ten years ago I have had two kids since that time.  I also wore a full bridal corset that I no longer own as I sold shortly after the honeymoon.  The third is that since Christmas I have not been eating a strict paleo diet and can tell that the carbs from bread, porridge and potatoes (chips/mash/roasted) have gone right to cover up my abs. When Ryan exclaimed, ‘Wow, its tiny!’ as he held up the gown for me I started to get worried. I stepped into it and held the bodice up to my chest as the final test awaited us.  Could we get the zipper to go all the way up?  
I cannot tell you the answer to that as the zipper broke in the process and my excitement about putting on my favourite gown plummeted with it. I attempted to make a status message or send a tweet about it but then canceled it as I was too heart broken.  In six weeks and a couple days I am planning on wearing this gown and now I not only have to figure out where to get it pressed but how to fix the zipper. Not to mention I need to get a corset, keep all carbs away, and stick to Paleo until after we return from Wales. 
So here I am with a a dress out of its perserved box and I will admit I am crushed that I do not know if I can now wear it.  The practical part of me is saying that Ryan’s DIY idea of fixing the zipper himself will work out and that I will most definitely shed the carb baby I’m currently carrying before we get to Wales.  The dress will fit.  I hope to hold onto that shred of optimism   
I will be honest that the last couple of days I have been pretty down about it.  I lacked the motivation to take this photo at all and it took me two sessions of it on Tuesday to get my shot.  The first time around I ended up just laying on the bed with my gown still on and taking a nap. The toll of it not fitting was not conducive to working with my creative needs.  However, I got a few shots I liked in the second go around thankfully.  
I like my self portraits to come across like paintings and this photograph I feel fits the bill.  I love the gown, I am crushed that it will no longer zip, and my hair cascaded down in front of my face to hide the tears.