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The Royal Crescent

I have to say that a favourite part of living the expat life in England is the many gardens through out the cities.  The Brits really know how to make use of small places.  It is nice to know that even if the countryside is a bit far out of reach by foot, theres a nearby park just waiting for you to enjoy during your lunch hour.  There are several great ones in in Bath and amongst those must see sights is the Royal Crescent.  So of course when my mum came to visit we made sure to arrange a photo op in front of it.  When ever the day is nice you can find the lawn dotted with locals enjoying their lunch, friends chatting up after work, and tourists posing for their photographs.  We chose this as our meeting place before our picnic and had a game of frisbee with the boys.  While I brought my heart shaped umbrella just in case, we had a lovely day of sunshine with no rain. 
Q: Are there nice parks or gardens where you live? 
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The Sun comes out and we flock to the Beach.

The Sun came out today and so everyone flocked to the beach at Brighton.  After picking up the boys from school we decided to meet up with Ryan’s friends. But by the time we got to Brighton the sun hid behind the clouds and the temperature dropped again.  Ryan’s friends had become reclusive to their apartment and we had the beach to ourselves.  As the light started to go down we decided to seek warmth at the pub for dinner.  But not before we got some new family photos on the shores of Brighton Beach.

“Stelllllllllllaaaaaa!” The pebbles at Brighton beach make great can holders. 
Posing with my partner Ryan on the rocks at Brighton Beach. 
Seagulls flying around the coast. 
My little family. 

Kisses at the beach.  
Found a heart at Brighton Beach. 
DIY Bottle candle holder at the pub. 
My little Mr. Fashionista 

‎”Why is Mummy laughing?” asked my eldest son. “That’s her nervous laugh. She does that when I make fun of her,” my husband replied.

Valentines Day

10 years ago Ryan and I had our first date at University. We spent the next weekend, Valentines Day, on a trip to Austin, TX with our traveling theatre troupe. I remember catching him looking at me across the table at dinner. Tonight, ten years later, I caught him looking at me with that exact same look. Here’s to another ten Valentines. ♥ 

For Valentines Day we had aimed to see a castle, but it was not in our cards this year. However we had a really nice time out in the town of Hastings.  The boys got to climb rocks and see a beautiful look out, they played at the park, we walked through the town, and we had a wonderful supper at a very old and historical pub.  We topped off the night with a stop in an authentic old sweet shop. 

Found Heart in Hastings. 

Ronan and Maddox picking out their Sweets.