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A Perfect Sunday in England

Today has been quite a different Sunday for us.  Ryan had to go into work for several hours today and I am preparing to go into town and do something I have not done in ten years.  Amongst all the feelings of anxiousness I am looking back at how last Sunday went down.  We went to church and then decided to walk into town.  On our way we stopped into Bathhampton for lunch at the George.  It is situated perfectly against the Canal and the beautiful river boats. Being Sunday we ordered the roast for four and accompanied it with a jug of Pims for the grownups.  With all the lovely sun we have been having lately, it made for a perfect end to our weekend.  I love when our weekends are about relaxation.  Since we went on an eight hour country walk yesterday, my legs and feet are definitely feeling it this morning.  It makes me hope I can get in a little of this relaxing luxury from last weekend sometime later today. 

Q: What did you do this weekend to relax?

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Freshford by Photographs

Day 28, Tuesday: Only Pictures
For today’s post I share with you just a few…because my family knows I took so many…photographs from our Saturday which was spent in the town of Freshford.  We went on a country walk throughout the town and countryside with dinner at the pub in town.  Six hours later it was time to go home but we had a fifty minute wait until the next train home.  We decided to not wait and take a two and half hour walk back home along the Avon Canal to Bath.  It was a beautiful day and we spent most of it walking and enjoying the sunshine. Without further adieu here is my post in only photos.



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Observation & Quiz

Today was a nice change of pace.  Instead of my usual home-work locations, I had two other locations to head to today.  This morning I got to go to my son’s school to observe him in the classroom setting.  It was really fun to see him in class and to get some great ideas for when we homeschool.  This evening  Ryan sent me out of the house to hang out with his friends for a Pub Quiz night.  This was my very first pub quiz and I was quite excited to take part.  Tried the Bulmer’s pear cider for the first time too.  Though the quiz questions were not all that easy for me I did fairly good at picking out the celebrities in the photo portion. 
Maddox and his classmates at playtime.  
Quiz Night

With Ryan’s friend Krista from Uni
Quiz night at the pub in Brighton tonight with Ryan’s Uni friends.

Just finished observation day with Maddox in class. Really helpful in planning his new curriculum. Oh to four years old again.

‎”As much as death takes from us, it also gives. It teaches us what is truley important.” #DesperateHousewives

The Sun comes out and we flock to the Beach.

The Sun came out today and so everyone flocked to the beach at Brighton.  After picking up the boys from school we decided to meet up with Ryan’s friends. But by the time we got to Brighton the sun hid behind the clouds and the temperature dropped again.  Ryan’s friends had become reclusive to their apartment and we had the beach to ourselves.  As the light started to go down we decided to seek warmth at the pub for dinner.  But not before we got some new family photos on the shores of Brighton Beach.

“Stelllllllllllaaaaaa!” The pebbles at Brighton beach make great can holders. 
Posing with my partner Ryan on the rocks at Brighton Beach. 
Seagulls flying around the coast. 
My little family. 

Kisses at the beach.  
Found a heart at Brighton Beach. 
DIY Bottle candle holder at the pub. 
My little Mr. Fashionista 

‎”Why is Mummy laughing?” asked my eldest son. “That’s her nervous laugh. She does that when I make fun of her,” my husband replied.

Valentines Day

10 years ago Ryan and I had our first date at University. We spent the next weekend, Valentines Day, on a trip to Austin, TX with our traveling theatre troupe. I remember catching him looking at me across the table at dinner. Tonight, ten years later, I caught him looking at me with that exact same look. Here’s to another ten Valentines. ♥ 

For Valentines Day we had aimed to see a castle, but it was not in our cards this year. However we had a really nice time out in the town of Hastings.  The boys got to climb rocks and see a beautiful look out, they played at the park, we walked through the town, and we had a wonderful supper at a very old and historical pub.  We topped off the night with a stop in an authentic old sweet shop. 

Found Heart in Hastings. 

Ronan and Maddox picking out their Sweets. 

Dinner in London with Brian

Just got back from London.  I took the boys up there on the train straight from school.  We met up for dinner with Brian, my friend Liisa’s husband.  We decided to eat close to the station at the Shakespeare Public house pub.  Food was great and we had a great time catching up.  Hopefully will get to meet up with Liisa soon.  When I got back and put the boys to bed it was time to climb under the covers, turn on my heater, and possibly a warm cuppa. Baby its so cold outside! Excited about seeing Miss Evette Sham this weekend! That makes seeing 4, or 4.5 if I count Liisa Roberts by way of lovely gifts, friends from Hawaii in a matter of a week. So great to catch up with friends in person to start of 2012. xx —

The boys and I waiting for our train.