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Photography: LookBook Hawaii Pt. I

For today’s Throwback photography post I take you to the LookBook inspired shoot with model Kristen in Hawaii.  You might remember her from the title image on my post Photography and the Lies I Believed.  Kristen was one of several models that partook in my ‘Model of the Month‘ project in 2010, being the cover girl for April.  She also modeled with Alysha, the model of the month for March, showcased in my posts the Living Dolls and Colour Pop.  For the LookBook series the clothing came from selected choices from her own wardrobe and we shot in and around her home with my lighting setup from AlienBees. It became a part one of a two part shoot as we met up soon after to shoot at Lanikai beach.  My favourite moments of the day were making use of the amazing window light coming into the sun room which I used as backlighting against a monochromatic outfit choice. 
Q: Which was your favourite Cover option from the three pictured above?

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