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Portobello Road Market & Notting Hill

Travel Tuesday is here and since it is our first Tuesday of the month it means our themed post! November’s prompt is ‘relationships’.  I love solo travel but I just as much appreciate the relationships I have when I travel with family and friends.  On a recent trip to London with my visiting family we made the rush from where we were in Wales to get to the Portobello Road market.  We were not sure we would make it in time and I am so glad that we did because we had a great time!  While we were out I spotted with my camera this couple enjoying their relationship with a passionate kiss in the middle of Notting Hill.  I had to recreate this romantic gesture with my husband and have shared the pair of kissing photos below.  
I hope you will love the rest of these…there were just so many things to photograph and my eyes were on sensory overload.  I loved all the silver and found the antiques and old cameras my favourite things to look at in the market. My sister, a level II sommelier enjoyed all the smells of the food stalls like the lush varieties of mushrooms.  Even my sons found some interesting things to purchase while they were out exploring.  If you have seen Notting Hill, the travel bookshop was in the blue ‘Notting Hill’ store front you see in the photographs.  I definitely recommend making the point to go to this market when you are next in London and venture into Notting Hill.  Much thanks again to my friend Lauren for letting us stay at your place while we were in town. 

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