Dinner in London with Brian

Just got back from London.  I took the boys up there on the train straight from school.  We met up for dinner with Brian, my friend Liisa’s husband.  We decided to eat close to the station at the Shakespeare Public house pub.  Food was great and we had a great time catching up.  Hopefully will get to meet up with Liisa soon.  When I got back and put the boys to bed it was time to climb under the covers, turn on my heater, and possibly a warm cuppa. Baby its so cold outside! Excited about seeing Miss Evette Sham this weekend! That makes seeing 4, or 4.5 if I count Liisa Roberts by way of lovely gifts, friends from Hawaii in a matter of a week. So great to catch up with friends in person to start of 2012. xx —

The boys and I waiting for our train.