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Happy Easter

I have not fathomed just how big and over the top America celebrates holidays.  Trying to find things to put in the boys’ Easter baskets proved this point to myself. There are lots of eggs, but no ‘baskets’.  There is also not a plethora of plastic green grass, needless Easter toys and egg dying kits.  I love the thought of just buying an Egg and the boys were both excited to get their own egg.  However I did pick up some extra little chocolates, a film, and a few items from the toy section so we can have some new things to do together while they are on Easter Break.

We really wanted to get out of the house today and do something special as a family.  We took the boys over to Chichester to go to the RAF museum.  The boys really enjoyed seeing the planes and it was really nice to do something that reminded me of my dad.  He would have loved going there with us.  I really wish I could have seen what he would be like with my boys experiencing something that was such a huge part of his life and who he was while he was alive. 
We ended up missing the last bus back and got to take a 2 hour nature walk back to where the train station is in town. Though not planned it was very enjoyable.  We got to see two large rabbits in the field as well as many other animals.  After a night of pizza we got our train and headed home. It was a great day to be with our family.
The Easter Bunny left his goodies for the boys. 
Ronan & Maddox with their Easter goodies. 
Looking inside.
My three guys with the planes at the RAF museum. 

My kids’ Easter surprises. They do not do baskets in the UK, so I pieced it together from a few various shop

Toured RAF museum in Chichester, took a 2 hr nature walk after missing the last bus, and enjoyed a family dinner before catching train home.

Buona Pasqua a tutti! Happy Easter ♥ xx

Dinner in London with Brian

Just got back from London.  I took the boys up there on the train straight from school.  We met up for dinner with Brian, my friend Liisa’s husband.  We decided to eat close to the station at the Shakespeare Public house pub.  Food was great and we had a great time catching up.  Hopefully will get to meet up with Liisa soon.  When I got back and put the boys to bed it was time to climb under the covers, turn on my heater, and possibly a warm cuppa. Baby its so cold outside! Excited about seeing Miss Evette Sham this weekend! That makes seeing 4, or 4.5 if I count Liisa Roberts by way of lovely gifts, friends from Hawaii in a matter of a week. So great to catch up with friends in person to start of 2012. xx —

The boys and I waiting for our train. 

Christmas Shopping in Town

It is Monday but no school for the boys since they are now on their Winter break.  Ryan had work early this morning and I really wanted to do something special with Ronan and Maddox.   Instead of having porridge at home, I took the boys into town for some special time together.  We started off with breakfast at one of the bakeries where the boys got to choose what they wanted to eat.  They enjoyed a delicisous banana milk to drink.  I had a jacket potato with beans and it really hit the spot with the cold weather outside.  Afterwards we went into several of the shops, trying to find the right Christmas presents for their dad.  Not to spoil the surprise, I will not post what we ended up buying online.  But the boys did have a lot of fun picking out something specifically from them.  At the end of our morning out,  we found some cute santa hats at Claire’s for the boys to wear.  Getting into the holiday spirit we took some fun photographs around all the Christmas decorations at the shopping centre.

Breakfast with my boys in town. 

Silly faces and Christmas spirit.