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Travel Tuesday: Railway in Wales

So glad to be back with you for another Travel Tuesday with my beautiful cohost Belinda from Found Love Now What?  Today I continue our journey in Wales with a voyage by the old steam railways.  It was a rainy day and a perfect one taking a ride through the Welsh countryside.
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Looking Down

‘Looking down’ upon the tracks below.
#photoadayapril #photoadaychallange
Homemade chili with ground lamb, swede and sweet peppers know top of a bed of roasted sweet potato fries. #paleo cooked by: @ryana_official

Walked an hour in buckets of pouring rain for the school route. My feet, legs, and gloved hands are soaked to the bone. So cold…

Came home late from work to find my sons watching Wonder Woman without me. #missingout

I am grateful.

So thirsty. Sparkling water with lemon to quench my thirst.
My two sons and being able to experience life in Europe together.
 #grateful #tck #photoadayapril #sons

‎”Just be humble, self deprecating, with a tinge of intellectual superiority and always leave them wanting more.” – Blaire Waldorf #gossipgirl

Happy Easter

I have not fathomed just how big and over the top America celebrates holidays.  Trying to find things to put in the boys’ Easter baskets proved this point to myself. There are lots of eggs, but no ‘baskets’.  There is also not a plethora of plastic green grass, needless Easter toys and egg dying kits.  I love the thought of just buying an Egg and the boys were both excited to get their own egg.  However I did pick up some extra little chocolates, a film, and a few items from the toy section so we can have some new things to do together while they are on Easter Break.

We really wanted to get out of the house today and do something special as a family.  We took the boys over to Chichester to go to the RAF museum.  The boys really enjoyed seeing the planes and it was really nice to do something that reminded me of my dad.  He would have loved going there with us.  I really wish I could have seen what he would be like with my boys experiencing something that was such a huge part of his life and who he was while he was alive. 
We ended up missing the last bus back and got to take a 2 hour nature walk back to where the train station is in town. Though not planned it was very enjoyable.  We got to see two large rabbits in the field as well as many other animals.  After a night of pizza we got our train and headed home. It was a great day to be with our family.
The Easter Bunny left his goodies for the boys. 
Ronan & Maddox with their Easter goodies. 
Looking inside.
My three guys with the planes at the RAF museum. 

My kids’ Easter surprises. They do not do baskets in the UK, so I pieced it together from a few various shop

Toured RAF museum in Chichester, took a 2 hr nature walk after missing the last bus, and enjoyed a family dinner before catching train home.

Buona Pasqua a tutti! Happy Easter ♥ xx

‘Focus on Imaging’ convention

Just a few days ago I was reading up on a photography convention where a photographer I have followed for years was going to be speaking.  Being that I had the day off of work and that it was only in Birmingham (though at the time I did not exactly know how far away that was from Brighton) I decided to make a plan to go.  With my husband taking care of the kids after school, my train tickets booked, and my camera bag in tow; I got on three different trains to the convention.  I have to say I was a little overwhelmed when I first got inside.  It was quite packed.  I got to listen to Lara Jade (, a fashion photographer based out of London and NY, twice and loved it.  I stayed until closing and finally made some purchases right before heading out.  Despite the lenses I was drooling over, I picked up a few different photography books.  On the whole the day was very motivation and passion filled.  It was just the rejuvenation I needed in my photography career. 

Feeling so inspired, motivated, & refreshed! Loved meeting other creatives & new people.