Recipe: Pims & Simple Oat Cookies

Earlier this month we went to the village fete in Monkton Farleigh, this weekend a fete in Batheaston, and in two weeks time we will be at another nearby. Nothing says Summer in Great Britain than a lovely village fete, a jug of Pims, and an array of baked goods. If you find yourself lacking a fete nearby, you can bring the best elements to your home. This blog post includes recipes we have used recently at our home here in England. The first is a recipe for how to make Pims. You pretty much cannot go to any function during the summer without having Pims available. It will also be the cause for a long que and the first thing to run out. 
I mention Pims quite a lot in my blog and tweets during the summer months and have been asked by those in America what it is exactly. Pims in the bottle itself is a gin-based drink containing ‘a secret mixture of herbs and liqueurs’. There are several different recipes for different drink variations but the most common one calls for Pim’s original, ice, lemonade, and the fruit/veggie garnishes. If you are not accustomed to lemonade in England it is not the same as its American variety. Lemonade in England is a lemon flavored carbonated drink. If you do not have any fizzy lemonade on hand we have made it with sparkling water and fresh lemons and it has turned out just perfectly. I have included the print ready recipe from the official Pim’s website. Make sure to check it out for their other drink varieties.


The next recipe I want to share is a really simple oat cookie or biscuit. It is easy because you can make it with just 4-5 ingredients and ones you probably have at home already. They are perfect for those last minute guests that come over for tea and are sure to please the masses. They are also simple enough for kids and makes a great family activity for after school.

170g (6oz) butter
115g (40z) caster sugar*
225g (8oz) self-raising flour
57g (2oz) porridge oats
1 tsp vanilla extract

*I like to substitute with organic set honey.  Just use a little less honey than the amount of sugar needed to make sure you get the right cookie dough consistency.  

Directions:Preheat the oven to 180 degrees or Gas mark 4. 
Greece a cookie sheet with coconut oil.
Cream together the butter and sugar/honey until light and fluffy.
Add vanilla extract.
Sieve in self raising flour.
Set aside one ounce of the porridge oats and mix the remaining oats into the mixture.  
Knead the cookie dough and then roll into twenty small balls.  
Roll each ball in the remaining porridge oats and press down on a greased baking tray.
Bake cookies in the oven for about fifteen minutes or until golden brown. 

These lovely oaty biscuits are small, perfect with tea, and if your family is like mine the biscuits will disappear quickly!  I hope you enjoy both of these recipes and let me know how you get on if you try them out. 

Q: Have you had Pim’s before?


  • Nicola Purkins

    Oh there is nothing better than a big glass of Pimms on a summer day!!! Although, ‘summer’ would be a loose term in England though!!

  • Molly @ The Move to America

    Ahh, yes Pimm’s is a family summer favourite so I have had it many times – will probably have some this weekend when my Aunties come to visit!

    The oaty biscuits sound and look great – I may have a go and make them for my husband one day!

  • Kelly S

    I take it the 180 is in Celsius? And I don’t know what Mark 4 is. Eh, I will just cook them at 350 degrees. That’s what EVERYTHING cooks at, right? Thanks for the recipes!

  • The Bradleys

    Pims lover over here!!! Best I’ve ever had was in Cowes at the Yacht Squadron! I’ve had it several time outside of the UK but it hasn’t been as good.

  • Rachel Murphree

    I’ve heard so much about Pims and have been curious about it. Thanks for sharing this recipe!

  • Rachel

    I’ve never had Pims before! Tragic.

    I can’t wait to try the oat cookie recipe. :)

  • A Country Girls World

    I haven’t ever hear of pims before but both them and the cookies look delicious!

  • kimmy kupcakes

    Oh, I love Pims cup. Especially with muddled cucumber in it. Perfect for a hot summer day!

  • Sara Louise

    I spent the weekend at my English cousin’s house here in France, there was a lot of Pimms involved. A lot. :)