Summer Fete in Batheaston

Yesterday we attended our second fete for the Summer season and it will not be our last.  Though we almost feared the weather would have ruined this gem of summers in Great Britain. It was set to begin at noon but we did arrive until three because of the pouring rain.  Miraculously the rain stopped and we were able to spend the last hour of it partaking in all our favourite fete activities.  There was drinking of Pims, letting the boys spend pocket money on activities, checking out the goods for sale, and the eating of cakes and ice cream. The only thing we missed out was on a delicious bowl of strawberries and cream.  However in its place we got to watch a Maypole dance with local school children.  If that was not enough dancing for my boys, they also got to partake in dancing to Gangnam Style.  I left with a happy family, a full belly, and a camera filled with documented memories and a nearly dead battery.  All in all it was a lovely village fete and I look forward to our next one in two weeks time. If the photos below are not enough to get you to a summer fete this year, I took two videos posted to Instagram as well.  To which I have to say is a new feature I highly love. However since they do not allow embedding of videos yet, insert shameless plug to follow me on Instagram here.
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  • Jessica Lynn

    Oh my gosh, that look like it was so much fun!

  • Kelly S

    Ha ha! I love the water balloon picture! Looks like you had a fabulous time! So fun…

  • Susanne V.

    Haha, lovely picturesl Looks like all of you enjoyed yourseves!


  • Jade

    I need to get my butt to a summer fete! I wonder if they have any in London?

  • Cathy Brown

    The water balloon picture is fabulous! Great timing :)


  • Laura Side Street

    Oh wow looks like you had an amazing time, nothing beats Pimms and ice-cream. We love summer fetes and also hope to go to a few this summer, fingers crossed for dry weather – it’s great you got at least a little bit of dry time :)
    Lovely photos

    Laura x

  • twobabyblue

    Oh, I am so jealous! We definitely don’t have anything like that here in Southern Colorado…though I wish we did! Thank you for the lovely photos – it’s second best to being there.

  • Quinn @ Kimchi and Sweet Tea

    Love the pictures! Wish we had something like that in North Carolina. . .

  • Teresa R. Nystrom

    I too enjoyed the water balloon blast. Hope he did too!

  • lost in travels

    bahaha my favorite photo is the one of your son getting mauled by that water balloon, it’s such perfect timing!

  • Andi of My Beautiful Adventures

    What lovely pics, I want that cake!

  • Sara Louise

    That water balloon shot is priceless!