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Summer Fete in Batheaston

Yesterday we attended our second fete for the Summer season and it will not be our last.  Though we almost feared the weather would have ruined this gem of summers in Great Britain. It was set to begin at noon but we did arrive until three because of the pouring rain.  Miraculously the rain stopped and we were able to spend the last hour of it partaking in all our favourite fete activities.  There was drinking of Pims, letting the boys spend pocket money on activities, checking out the goods for sale, and the eating of cakes and ice cream. The only thing we missed out was on a delicious bowl of strawberries and cream.  However in its place we got to watch a Maypole dance with local school children.  If that was not enough dancing for my boys, they also got to partake in dancing to Gangnam Style.  I left with a happy family, a full belly, and a camera filled with documented memories and a nearly dead battery.  All in all it was a lovely village fete and I look forward to our next one in two weeks time. If the photos below are not enough to get you to a summer fete this year, I took two videos posted to Instagram as well.  To which I have to say is a new feature I highly love. However since they do not allow embedding of videos yet, insert shameless plug to follow me on Instagram here.
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Hot Air Balloons

I love to contemplate all that we are blessed with on the weekends.  I still feel like we are in our honeymoon period of being in expats in England, though we moved abroad in two years ago.  Having been in our current city of Bath since Christmas, we are constantly finding new things to love about our home.  The top thing for me is the picturesque view from our windows and back garden, the view of Solsbury Hill (cue the Peter Gabriel song), and seeing all the hot air balloons over our house when the weather is perfect for a ride in the sky.  From my family to yours, have a wonderful weekend!  Make sure to check out Trooping the Colour today for the Queen’s Birthday.

*photography belongs to Bonnie Rose Photography © 2013 All Rights Reserved

Ronan is 7 years old!

 Happy Birthday Ronan!

Today my oldest turn seven years old! I cannot believe that so much time has gone by since I gave birth to my birthday boy.  We have moved so many times in those seven years.  He is becoming a really sweet young man and I look forward to seeing him grow up in the next seven years to come.  After school I went to the party shop to get balloons and a present for Ronan.  We got him a Doctor Who chess set for his gift.  We had pizza for his birthday dinner.

I stopped off at the party store to get a surprise for Ronan after school. 
I got Ronan a beanie bear attached to seven balloons with footballs on it
and a globe balloon for his Indiana Jones adventure bedroom.  
Ronan enjoying his Birthday dinner.

Children in Need

Yesterday for Children in Need we brought in our decorated fairy cakes to the school. If you did not see them, go back to the blog post from a few days ago. They had extra ones still when school was let out and so the boys each got one before we walked home.

Cupcakes donated by the parents
25 pence 
Maddox eating his fairy cake
Ronan with his themed balloon
He was really tired and apparently really thirsty.
He could not finish his fairy cake because he really wanted some water.

30th with Cake and Cupcakes!

Ryan Turns 30!

Today my partner turned the big 3-0!  I had to work today but Ryan stopped by at the end of my shift at the salon.  I surprised him by decorating one of the stations with ’30’ Balloons, a birthday card and a yummy raspberry cupcake. Afterwards I gave him a hair cut for his birthday.  He has been growing his hair out since he got out of the military in April and minus a few trims, its just been staying in a long style. We chose a longer on top, shorter on the sides and back style so he can wear it curly and straight.  Afterwards I picked up the boys from school and headed back to celebrate with Ryan.  The boys got Ronan a special pint class for his lager of choice and I got him the journal based on the Idiot Abroad series he likes so much.  Tonight in honour of his birthday we had our first Indian take away since moving to England.  Indian take away is to England what mexican restaurants are to San Diego, California.  Our supper was yummy and very spicy…just the way I love it. Afterwards we enjoyed a lovely chocolate pudding cake, which melted in our mouths after coming out of the oven.  The boys helped me before bedtime to get the fairy cakes ready for tomorrow.  They are having a special day in honour of the Children in Need foundation to raise money for the charity.  I decorated them with yellow bear heads that I hope slightly if at all resemble Pudsey, the bear mascot. 
Ryan before his hair cut.
Ryan After his hair cut
Ryan with his birthday cake
Happy 30th Ryan!

Ronan shaking our fairy cake mix.
Ronan and Maddox choosing pok a dot cups for the fairy cakes. 
Finished fairy cakes for the Children in Need foundation.