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Freshford by Photographs

Day 28, Tuesday: Only Pictures
For today’s post I share with you just a few…because my family knows I took so many…photographs from our Saturday which was spent in the town of Freshford.  We went on a country walk throughout the town and countryside with dinner at the pub in town.  Six hours later it was time to go home but we had a fifty minute wait until the next train home.  We decided to not wait and take a two and half hour walk back home along the Avon Canal to Bath.  It was a beautiful day and we spent most of it walking and enjoying the sunshine. Without further adieu here is my post in only photos.



*photographs found here belong to Bonnie Rose of Bonnie Rose Photography © 2013 All Rights Reserved | 

Lake Trip in Missouri

Driving into St. Louis 

This week we drove down to Missouri to visit with my husband’s brother and his family.  We spent a little time in their hometown of Springfield, Mo and then four days by the lake in Branson, Mo.  Hands down my favourite moments this have been on the lake.  I love the water and being able to kayak, be on the pontoon,  or just lay out on the water and tan.  The best part was being able to be with my boys and enjoy some well deserved quality time.  I just wish my husband was here to enjoy it with us.

Ronan & Maddox visiting a farm in Springfield, Mo. 
Ronan and I loved kayaking on the lake.  
The boys on the Pontoon. 
Maddox enjoying fishing.