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Comics & Monogram

Comic book shop finds for my sons 5th birthday coming up. #comics

The M collage of Flash I made for my son Maddox.
 #comics #flash

I am about to select which of these make it to be Maddox’s birthday presents, and which ones will be less fortunate and get to be mutilated and cut up so that I can make cute photo frames for the gift bags. Just taking the Flash ones from the 90’s out of the plastic sleeves is making me want to turn around and look for Sheldon’s disapproval. I’m getting a little anxious about the cake pops I need to make on Friday. First time making them and I really hope they a) turn out alright b) taste amazing c) look pretty Anyone make them before have any tips, advice, or flavour ideas that they like the best? I am making ‘superhero’ ones for 10 boys ages 4 – 9.

‘No socks.’ #maycreative #photoadaychallange
‘A smell I Adore’ is the discontinued Tahiti Coconut & Vanilla lotion by Bath & Body Works
 #photoadaymay #photoadaychallange #coconut #vanilla #scent
Found the Justice League comics in Brighton that I need for Maddox’s birthday. Headed home to start making superhero party decorations.