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Bath Comic & Sci-Fi Weekend

Something you may or may not know about me is that I am kind of a geek. My one regret from my time in California and the US is that I never had the opportunity to go to ComicCon in San Diego. I did however take the boys to Comic Con in Tucson, AZ in 2010. I worked really hard on sewing myself a She-Ra costume, which is now somewhere lost in one of my in-laws many storage facilities. When we heard about the Comic and Sci-Fi event coming to Bath we were ready to get our cosplay on! Maddox went as Darth Vader, Ronan as Indiana Jones, and I went as Kaylee from Joss Whedon’s Firefly. 
The big event we did not want to miss during the weekend’s festivities was the Star Wars panel.  My father did not have any sons and I grew up loving to watch Star Wars with him. Plus I have never been to see a panel before so we were all really excited. Included in this line up was Femi Taylor who played Oola, the Twi’lek dancer in Jabba the Hutt’s court, and Rusty Goffe who played various characters in a New Hope, including a Jawa and a gonk droid.  Rusty was also in  Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Willow, and several of the Harry Potter films. He is really charismatic and my boys remarked how he was so funny.  
Not a whole lot of questions were asked from the audience so it meant a lot that Ronan spoke up and asked them for their ‘most embarrassing’ memory in their career.  I asked them if they had experienced a ‘pinch yourself moment’.  Femi answered about getting a call back in 97 to film more scenes to reprise her role in the special edition release of the original film from the 80s. If you remember her costume is basically mostly body paint so it was incredible to see that she still has her dancer body even today. She was friendly and nice and I really liked getting to talk with her afterwards.  Rusty talked about being on the set of Harry Potter in the scene where Helena Bonham Carter as Belatrix is pretending to be Hermione.  Rusty talked about what an incredible actress Helena is and how everyone on set kept forgetting it was Helena/Belatrix because she just embodied Emma/Hermione so well.  
Another panelist who I got to talk to extensively afterwards was John Chapman. John played an X-Wing pilot in the original Star Wars and now has created a really awesome comic book series for children about a character named Jonnie Rocket.  I really recommend them if you have children and you find out more about them at
At the end Ronan participated in the costume contest and he was really proud to get a lot of compliments from the adults on his authentic elements like his hat, jacket, and whip.  We met quite a few cosplayers and pretty much the experience exceeded our expectations.  I told Ryan before we got there that if one person knew who I was cosplaying as, I would be happy.  Sure enough the guy who came cosplaying from my favourite video game, Mass Effect, told me he like my Kaylee costume. Score.  
 Q: Do you like comics or sci-fi? Ever been to a comic con?

 *Photography by Bonnie Rose Photography © 2007 – 2013 All Rights Reserved |

Down with the Flu

So thankful for our neighbour who took our boys to and from school yesterday, as well as today and has offered to have them over for dinner tonight too. Starting to feel better, but taking myself out for a walk to get the last of the sunshine (and vitamin D) before the rain and cold weather comes back tomorrow. Hopefully the last part of this flu, a painful migraine, dissipates soon. Finally having time to catch up on photograph edits to share with you all from the country walk we took on Sunday:

Ronan and Maddox on the start of our walk.  
Of course they were quick to correct us that it was not a ‘hike’ but an ‘adventure!’
Dirt biking hills made fun obstacles to run over.
Or jump over too!
The boys ran through the fields of wild flowers. 
Then picked a whole bunch to fill mummy’s pockets.

 Here are the Instagram shots for today:

‘Valuable': I thought I had lost my photo from the Floating Lantern Festival in Hawaii.
To me out of material possessions photos are the most valuable.
#maycreative #photoadaychallenge
‘A number': Five 
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Watching the Bachelorette with a homemade smoothie.@emilygmaynard is my favourite bachelorette.

Memorial Day

‘The weather today': Here in England and back home in Hawaii
#photoadaymay #weather #photoadaychallenge #Hawaii #England
Gone but not forgotten': Remembering both my dad, LT. Col Nystrom ret.,
and his father who are both veterans of foreign wars.
#memorial #VFW

‘Stars': Hollywood 
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@welovemarilyn @dailymonroe
First thing I have been able to eat all day and it’s 9:25pm.
A no fun day of intense nausea and vomiting.

You have bad days so you know when you have good days.

Woke up with immense nausea and vomiting. Nearly noon and do not feel any better. Husband has had a high fever since last night. Not fun :(

Black & White

‘Chocolate Candy': Maltesers beat out whoppers.
#maycreative #photoadaychallenge 

‘Something you made': My She-Ra head piece for my cosplay debuted at Tucson Comic Con 2010. 
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Geometric styling day. #fashion

Champagne for Ryan’s A in his Irregular Warfare course. @ryana_official

Live and let live.

Popart Superhero Birthday Party

Maddox as Batman for his 5th Birthday party at the bowling alley.  He chose the theme of Justice League and I tied in a little Pop Art to give it an added PUNCH! (No pun intended)
Older brother, Ronan, went as Green Lantern.
Batman & Green Lantern before the party commences. 
Batman, Superman, and Green Lantern. 
11 boys (plus two younger ones not pictured) all together.  England is not so big on dressing up for things. We had2 boys that were Justice League themed, one marvel superhero, one Indiana Jones (um, might have gotten confused from Ronan’s party invite back in January?),  one police officer, and four in plain street clothes.  I think in hindsight I should have just had Maddox dress up and made capes for all the other kids for better themed photo.  Or try it again in the USA. 
This was our party host who orchestrated the whole bowling party.  She was amazing.  Keeping 11 boys under the age of 9 in line while dealing with heavy bowling balls is not an easy feat. 
Maddox and boys lining up to start bowling. 
Maddox bowling at his birthday party. 
The birthday banner I made from Flash comics with Maddox’s name on it. We used it to decorate the party table. 
The party bags that I made with the Pop Art comic book theme. I bought a bag of confetti and glued each dot on, one at a time. 
The table center piece  with the pop art dots and an M (for Maddox) and a 5 (for his age) which I collaged in Flash and DC comics. 
Each boy got a photo frame/thank you card that I collaged individually in comics. 
Another look at the photo frame/thank you cards. 
Since the cake pops fell through, I decorated lollipops with masks and capes.  Using a two tier cake stand, I decorated it with the cup cake toppers I made. 
Another look at the center piece. 
Wonder Woman and Batman gift tags. 
I believe all the photo frame/thank you cards were Flash themed.  
Maddox telling his dad, Superman, how much fun he is having at his party. 
Holy Cupcakes Batman it is time for food! (Sadly with the cake pops not turning out, we ended up leaving the back up cake at home. So no singing at this party.  Thats okay because they don’t eat birthday cake at the kid parties in England. 
As the kids were getting ready to leave, we quickly rounded up a few of them for a very quick photo with the felt masks I sewed and put in each of the goodie bags.

Photography by Bonnie Rose © Bonnie Rose Photography 2012 All Rights Reserved. 

Happiest Memory & Favourite Word

I have been pretty busy getting things ready for Maddox’s birthday party.  There is not a good selection for what he wants online and I definitely can not find anything here in England. So below you’ll see what I have been up too so far.  I took comic book sheets and made a banner with Maddox’s name on it and even some cute cupcake toppers with the Pop art theme. What do you think?  

A portion of the banner I made for Maddox’s birthday party.
It has a total of 12 triangular flags from old Flash comics.
‘Happiest Memory': Giving birth to my sons Ronan and Maddox.
#maycreative #photoadaychallenge
Possible cupcake topper.
avourite Word: Serendipity
 #photoadaymay #photoadaychallange #serendipity


Not sure what a Madeira cake is, but it tastes like a pound cake and an angelfood cake had a baby. I hope it works okay for the cake pops.

I’m watching creativetechs’s live broadcast on Family Portraiture @Ustream! Come join me

Have been humming James Bond songs in my head all morning.

Comics & Monogram

Comic book shop finds for my sons 5th birthday coming up. #comics

The M collage of Flash I made for my son Maddox.
 #comics #flash

I am about to select which of these make it to be Maddox’s birthday presents, and which ones will be less fortunate and get to be mutilated and cut up so that I can make cute photo frames for the gift bags. Just taking the Flash ones from the 90’s out of the plastic sleeves is making me want to turn around and look for Sheldon’s disapproval. I’m getting a little anxious about the cake pops I need to make on Friday. First time making them and I really hope they a) turn out alright b) taste amazing c) look pretty Anyone make them before have any tips, advice, or flavour ideas that they like the best? I am making ‘superhero’ ones for 10 boys ages 4 – 9.

‘No socks.’ #maycreative #photoadaychallange
‘A smell I Adore’ is the discontinued Tahiti Coconut & Vanilla lotion by Bath & Body Works
 #photoadaymay #photoadaychallange #coconut #vanilla #scent
Found the Justice League comics in Brighton that I need for Maddox’s birthday. Headed home to start making superhero party decorations.