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Gingerbread Houses & More

Tonight’s Christmas craft was this Gingerbread house.  Ronan and Maddox had fun but wished it was edible so it could be eaten later.  Maybe we will have time next month to make a real gingerbread house to fulfill their wish.  I am not sure how easy it will be to find a gingerbread house kit here in England.  So far I have not seen one and that would mean we would have to make one from scratch.  Could be a fun adventure with gingerbread and sweets!  If all else fails and it crumbles, we can eat the evidence. 
Ronan and Maddox with our finished Gingerbread house. 
Gingerbread house has a very glittery roof. 

Decorated with lots of candy and sweets!

Today Maddox brought home a Christmas wreath that he made yesterday with his class.  The parents of his reception class were invited to stay in the morning to help them with the Christmas craft activities they were doing with the kids in Nursery.  Maddox got to hand paint on a Christmas tree, make a decoration for the tree, decorate part of a snowman, fill in the colour on Santa’s sleigh, and make a Christmas wreath.  There was lots of paper, paint, glue, and glitter involved and much fun was had by all.  I really enjoyed getting to spend the special time with Maddox in his class.

Green handprints to decorate the tree at Maddox’s school
Maddox decorated his ornament for the tree. 
Maddox with his decorated ornament…with a quite a lot of glitter!

A sleigh ride decorated with paper and material in different colours.

Decorating a snowman with scrunched up paper. 

Last craft was to make and decorate his own Christmas Wreath which he got to bring home today.
Ready to Deck the Halls with Christmas Cheer! 

Christmas Socks

‘Christmas Socks’ – Mr. Bean quote to label my post because my boys are avid fans of childish baffoon character and he is often brought up in discussions.  Since these stockings are quite cute, why not pay a little tribute to someone who brings a smile and laughter to my kids lives.  
The boys received two packages from their Mimi and Papa in Illinois, USA.  They were filled with all kinds of crafts for the boys to do.  I had to stop them tonight from doing them all in one night, which just shows how excited and appreciative they were for all the crafts.  We decided to one craft tonight and the consensus was to do the stockings.  Each boy chose one of the Elf stockings and I divided up some of the stickers, making sure to keep plenty more for upcoming craft projects.  We labeled each one with the boys’ names and the year for prosperity.  Right now they are sitting up on top of our mock ‘Fireplace’, and hopefully we can find something to hang them from soon.  Being that we use the Fireplace heater quite a bit, did not need a fire starter. :)  
Maddox with his decorated stocking for Christmas.  
Ronan with his decorated stocking for Christmas. 
Have you started decorating for Christmas yet or are you waiting for next week?