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Got Milk & Paper Airplanes

Got Milk? 
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Maddox the ghost boy. 50mm, 5, F20, ISO 200

‘Favourite place': Anywhere in the world where my boys and I can have living life.
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Add captio‘Something you fear': Not being able to have a baby girl.
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The Night Before

‘Kitchen': Ours is my husband’s man cave because he loves cooking.
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‘Hog & Mollusks’ for dinner.

Painting at 1am.

‎9pm I did a 3 hour online photography course, followed by making cake pops. Now at 1245am I’m starting an acrylic painting. Sleep? Nah.

The Vikings are coming!

The boys are having a Viking day at school on Saturday for an open house day. They are both really looking forward to it.  In preparation for this occasion, Ronan made a really cool viking ship in class.  He was so proud to show me his creation.  He is definitely more the artist when it comes to talents and he loves to create art.  I think we will have to do some more fun with clay. Today was also the boys’ last day at school with one of their classmates.  After school they played for a few minutes and got in some last minute hugs.

Ronan made a viking ship at school.
Cobra! Thats serious. Indiana hates snakes. 
The boys playing tag after school was let out. 
Last day of school for one of their friends so we took a group shot.
Boys were doing their Indiana Jones  poses.

Christmas Eve!

 I had to work today so when I got home there seemed to be a lot to do in order to get ready.  The boys wrote their letters to Father Christmas, made christmas crafts, baked christmas cookies, and read christmas stories together.  We put the boys to bed in our room, because ‘Mr & Mrs Claus’ had a lot to do tonight! 7 hours until my boys will be up to see what Father Christmas left them. That means 7 hours to put together an IKEA loft bed, IKEA play kitchen items, make the Indiana Jones club house, find the two missing presents, wrap everything, fill the stockings, and to eat the cookies, the carrot, and drink the milk!

Mistletoe for sale near my work

The boys write their Christmas letters to Father  Christmas

Mimi sent the boys lots of packages of Christmas crafts! 
Making Christmas crafts!
Making Christmas crafts!
Making snowman ornaments! 
Christmas crafts complete!
Making cookies for Santa!
Christmas stories with my boys. 
Time to eat the cookies and drink the milk! 

Wrapping presents and placing them under the tree. 
Setting up the loft bed in the boys’ room.  
All ready for Christmas morning! 

Happy Hanukkah!

We got our new furniture items from IKEA and I was more than excited to finally get our new bed put together.  Sleeping on the floor has been fun, but having a bed so much more fun. I will admit it took me longer than it should have because I did not follow the IKEA directions quite easily.  I finished and draped my scarves from Cambodia over the top to complete the look. 

Tonight the boys and I got together to make holiday cookies.  They were not normal chocolate chip cookies, but filled with Nutella and covered with white chocolate stars. They were very delicious!  They also got to work on their nightly holiday craft.  Tonight is also the first night of Hanukkah.  We put together our DIY mennorah and Ronan had the pleasure of lighting the first candle.  
Our new bed put together!
Nutella inside
The boys making cookies. 
Ryan and the boys with their christmas crafts and cookies. 
Nutella filled biscuits!
Ronan lighting the first candle.

Chanel 527 Nouvelle Vague and silver glitter for Chrismukkah spirit!
Happy Hanukkah!

St. Nikolaus & the Shoes

I have picked up many a customs and traditions along my life as a nomad.  One of these is St. Nikolaus, from my time living in Germany.  On the Eve of December 5th, children put out a boot or shoe outside of their front door.  In the morning the children find that St. Nikolaus has filled it up with gifts and sweets after checking to see if the children were ‘good, polite, and helpful the last  year’.  The boys woke me up as they were opening up their goodies from their shoes.  There were candy canes, lego figures, toy airplanes, and a helicopter.  It is a nice tradition I have enjoyed thus far with my kids.  ‘Morty the Moose’ left some moose paper for the boys to make paper chains with today. They enjoyed the craft and we will have fun growing the chain through out the month.  

Maddox holding the candy and toys left in his shoe.
St. Nicholas came and filled the boys shoes with candy and small toys. 
Crumpets with jam and clotted cream
Ronan and Maddox at school. 
Lamb with sweet potatoes and roasted veggies.
Step One: Folding the wrapping paper in strips.

Step 2: Cut along the fold to create long strips.
Step 3: Cutting into smaller strips

Step 4: Fold strips into loops and tape to secure.  Add another strip into the loop and repeat.
Step 5: Hang up on the wall

Our hanging decoration.

Our Polar Express Christmas bells from  Christmas 2008
Bows, cookie cutters, bells, ornaments, and lights.