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Birthday Cake

Birthdays are always a great celebration and last week we got to celebrate one here at the house.  The boys’ grandfather had his 60 something birthday.  The boys love to be in the kitchen so we talked about making something special.  So on the big day the boys and I spent our science period making a very chocolate cake with coconut oil.  It was very yummy and super rich.  But a nice special treat for someone celebrating a big birthday.  The boys were excited to pick out cards and get balloons and presents.  It was a fun evening. 
The chocolate cake.
Ronan signing the card he picked out. 
Watching the cake come out with candles on it. 
The boys decorated pumpkins for a grocery store competition.  They made 3D affects for spookiness!
Ronan was all smiles in home education this week. 
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Church & Park

The weather is certainly getting much warmer and I am kinda hoping it will stay that way through to the summer.  We did not make it to church at all last month because of the weather with walking and no car.  The boys were so excited to be back in bible class.  So much so that Ronan wanted to take his brother to his class. I still escorted them to their right places to make sure they got where they were supposed to go.  The singing was incredible again this morning and something I definitely missed. Just wish that Ryan did not have to work on Sunday mornings so I had someone to sit with in service.  Afterwards the boys and I got some fresh bread and yogurt from the store for a morning snack and headed to the park in town for them to play.  The love going to this park and with the sun out and the rain and mud kept at bay, we were able to stay quite a while. Here are some of the photographs taken this morning and I have to say I really do not miss taking horrid shots on my old iPhone.

Stained glass windows, stone arches, and the high ceiling beams at church. <3  
Maddox doing his craft project in bible class. 
Love the historical buildings in Lindfield. 
Wild flowers blooming through the greens. 
EST. 1796
Ronan climbing at the park.  
The boys playing together at the park. 

Maddox on the seesaw.  
Ronan on the seesaw.  

Viking Day

Ryan took the boys to school on a Saturday for the Open House event all about VIKING!  The boys were both very excited about this event.  They got to make their own shields, eat yummy food, make Viking crafts, watch and cheer on authentic Viking fights, and most importantly: dress up and learn how to fight like a Viking! 

Maddox the Viking
Ronan the Viking

The Vikings learning how to fight with swords.

Maddox making his Viking shield