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Setting the Clocks Back

We set our clocks forward today and it is going to take some use to being woken up by the sun before my alarm goes off.  The boys cleaned their room so I took them outside for Adventure. Ronan dressed as Indiana Jones. Love the sun as we walk.  The flowers were out in bloom.  We enjoyed a picnic lunch in the park to take use of all the warm sun before we go back to cold weather. 

On another note: When I was stateside, I got so addicted to soda. I would go to the McDonalds drive through in Tucson just to get a large diet doctor pepper no ice, because it was cheaper than getting a small bottle or can. When we got to England we had a few coca colas and fantas, because the recipe here is much different (way fizzier too) and ive always preferred it. But then we just stopped buying it and onlydrinking just spring water, carbonated water, and tea. I broke down recently and bought a soda because i was very thirsty after work and there were no bottle waters left in the machine. I had two sips and threw the bottle out because it was so sweet to me. I’m glad I finally got the caffeine/sugary drinks out of my system and broke the addiction. Now if I can just finalize my addiction to carbs and I can really go all out on Paleo.

Ronan with his lunch in the park. 
Maddox with his lunch in the park. 
Playing at the playground. 
Fun angles with cell phone cameras. 😉 

Setting clocks forward. Not so excited about missing an hour of sleep. Miss Hawaii…we didn’t have to worry about this in summerland.
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Costa barista gave me Raspberry tea instead of plain ice tea. Tastes like candy. Due to my accent, I don’t feel pressing the issue. Gross.

Mothering Sunday

My boys woke me up on Mothering Sunday with homemade cards from school, flowers, and chocolates. 
Maddox with his card for me. 
I loved the pink roses!
Ronan withs his daffodil card, so cute! 
Inside Maddox’s card 
Inside Ronan’s card. Love that bee! 
Pink roses are so beautiful. 
Closer look at Ronan’s card.  
Dinner for Mother Sunday.  This was my first time eating the marrow from the bone too. 

Its officially Mother’s Day in England. Happy Mothering Sunday to all the mums. #lovemyboys
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Just devoured dark chocolate covered strawberries that my husband made for me. So yummy! #lovemylife

Woke up to boys wishing me happy Mother’s day w/ pink roses, chocolates, and cards. I love my boys so much! Their smiles light up my life ♥

Church & Park

The weather is certainly getting much warmer and I am kinda hoping it will stay that way through to the summer.  We did not make it to church at all last month because of the weather with walking and no car.  The boys were so excited to be back in bible class.  So much so that Ronan wanted to take his brother to his class. I still escorted them to their right places to make sure they got where they were supposed to go.  The singing was incredible again this morning and something I definitely missed. Just wish that Ryan did not have to work on Sunday mornings so I had someone to sit with in service.  Afterwards the boys and I got some fresh bread and yogurt from the store for a morning snack and headed to the park in town for them to play.  The love going to this park and with the sun out and the rain and mud kept at bay, we were able to stay quite a while. Here are some of the photographs taken this morning and I have to say I really do not miss taking horrid shots on my old iPhone.

Stained glass windows, stone arches, and the high ceiling beams at church. <3  
Maddox doing his craft project in bible class. 
Love the historical buildings in Lindfield. 
Wild flowers blooming through the greens. 
EST. 1796
Ronan climbing at the park.  
The boys playing together at the park. 

Maddox on the seesaw.  
Ronan on the seesaw.