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St. Nikolaus & the Shoes

I have picked up many a customs and traditions along my life as a nomad.  One of these is St. Nikolaus, from my time living in Germany.  On the Eve of December 5th, children put out a boot or shoe outside of their front door.  In the morning the children find that St. Nikolaus has filled it up with gifts and sweets after checking to see if the children were ‘good, polite, and helpful the last  year’.  The boys woke me up as they were opening up their goodies from their shoes.  There were candy canes, lego figures, toy airplanes, and a helicopter.  It is a nice tradition I have enjoyed thus far with my kids.  ‘Morty the Moose’ left some moose paper for the boys to make paper chains with today. They enjoyed the craft and we will have fun growing the chain through out the month.  

Maddox holding the candy and toys left in his shoe.
St. Nicholas came and filled the boys shoes with candy and small toys. 
Crumpets with jam and clotted cream
Ronan and Maddox at school. 
Lamb with sweet potatoes and roasted veggies.
Step One: Folding the wrapping paper in strips.

Step 2: Cut along the fold to create long strips.
Step 3: Cutting into smaller strips

Step 4: Fold strips into loops and tape to secure.  Add another strip into the loop and repeat.
Step 5: Hang up on the wall

Our hanging decoration.

Our Polar Express Christmas bells from  Christmas 2008
Bows, cookie cutters, bells, ornaments, and lights. 

Christmas Tree

 Today was the first day that we started playing Christmas songs at work.  Luckily they are laced in with the regular songs, so I think they will be enjoyable through the Holidays without getting over played.  When I stepped outside of work tonight, I noticed all the Christmas lights were up down the street in Burgess Hill.  It was very beautiful and seeing Christmas lights are one of my favourite elements of the season.  Upon coming home I decided I was in need of some holiday cheer. So the boys and I put up our Christmas tree.  I found this one the other day at a charity shop, originally from Marks & Spencers, for only 5 quid.  The boys and Ryan had gotten decorations from IKEA on their shopping trip today and so we got to decorate the tree together after dinner.  We have a red and silver theme this year, and it looks very Christmas-y in the corner.  I do miss my Blue and Silver ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ tree from Hawai’i.  But I look forward to building up our Christmas decor while we are living here in England.

Burgess Hill is lit up with Christmas lights. 
Ronan and Maddox decorating our tree
Our Christmas Tree 2011