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Maddox Says

 Cute comment for today brought to you by Maddox:
 “I don’t want to disobey you or mummy but she said boots and you said shoes. 
I could wear one boot and one shoe.” 
My son’s photo of the fish tank.
‘Last thing I bought': First Mass Effect game for just £5 in a bargain bin.
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Chicken & veggies for lunch

Been Sick & Down

The last few days have been quite rough.  I have been pretty sick with a fever and had a bad day at work. The cold is subsiding now and nothing beats a rough work day by coming home to hugs from my boys.  We had a movie night tonight and it really helped bring a smile back on my face. I love my family so much. With the last day of March, I hope for a more positive April. Then for some flowers in May. :)

Playing Mass Effect with the boys as we near the very end of the game. 
Purple soup! Its Cabbage and Paleo and so yummy! 

Watching The Secret of Moonacre with my boys. I am so in love with every one of Maria Merryweather’s gowns.