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Jane Austen Book Club: Sense & Sensibility

My high school prom dress my mum made me a Jane Austen inspired gown.
This past month I have read Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility for the #JaneAustenBookClub with Erin of Quintessentially English.  While I have seen the film starring Emma Thompson and Kate Winslet a number of times I have never before read the book.  After a month I have been led to believe that all books should be read first before you see the film.  This is a fundamental rule I try to live by as an adult and pass on to my children as we make our way through the Harry Potter series together.  To be fair I have only read Pride and Prejudice (again and again) up until this book club and have lived vicariously through Jane Austen in film.  
After completing the book I have been left to feel like Sense and Sensibility may be one of my least favourite books by Jane Austen.  Basically it was hard enough to read without picturing the actors who had portrayed the characters in the ’95 film version.  It was disheartening to find that some of the characters did not come off the same way on paper as they did on film.  An exception to this though would be Mr. Palmer (portrayed in the film by Hugh Laurie) who was one of my favourites in the film and made me laugh in the book with his muttered comments. 
A Favourite Line
 F R O M   T H E   B O O K 
“Lady Middleton could no longer endure such a conversation, and therefore exerted herself to ask Mr. Palmer if there was any news in the paper. “No, none at all,” he replied, and read on.”
Sense and Sensibility Chapter 19
A Favourite Line
 F R O M   T H E   F I L M   
Charlotte Palmer: Oh, if only this rain would stop! 

Mr. Palmer: If only you would stop. 

I think the reason the book Sense and Sensibility did not resonate with me as well as the Ang Lee film version was due the acting of Alan Rickman.  Honestly the video clip below where he comes in to see Marianne playing the piano says it all.  It is as if the world has stopped and all he can see is her.  I remember seeing that scene for the first time as a teenager and wanting so much to be loved like that.  To have someone look at me the way Col. Brandon looked at Marianne with all those stolen glances. The way he was always there for her even when she did not realise his love for her.  
It gets down to the climatic scene near the end where a drenched Marianne  is being carried back to the house by Col. Brandon. To me it was the most romantic scene in the film.  Then I read the book and it came across less romanticized and more about practicality or duty.  Col. Brandon had been dealt not the best of hands of life and it only seemed a good fit that Marianne put aside her silly notion of sensibility and marry him because it was a good match for him.  In the book I did not really feel they fell in love as it seemed they did in the film and I think that is how the film ruined the book for me. 
“to see Marianne settled at the Mansion-house was equally the wish of Edward and Elinor. 
They each felt his sorrows and their own obligations, and Marianne, 
by general consent, was to be the reward of all.” – Jane Austen

Margaret: It’s going to rain.
Marianne: It is not going to rain.
Margaret: You always say that and then it always does.
In the end I liked reading the book but it seemed harder to get through than reading my favourite, Pride and Prejudice, which I am staring to read again this month for July. Feel free to join in on the Jane Austen Book Club. You can link up with Erin with your posts and join the conversation on Twitter with the hashtag #JaneAustenBookClub  

FUN FACT: Did you know actor Greg Wise, who portrayed Willoughby, 
married the actress who played Elinore, Emma Thompson?

If you have read the book or scene the film I would love to hear your thoughts!

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UK Invasion in US Television

If I had £1 for every time I pulled up IMDB on my phone to figure out where I know a particular actor from, I would be really well off.  I am just glad that the website does not charge you to use it.  It is no secret that there are a lot of actors out in Hollywood and that not all of them come from the mainland USA.  However in the past year I find my self constantly wondering why I am surprised to find out a certain actor hails from this side of the pond. Two nights ago I gave my husband and I the challenge to come up with ten actors who play ‘Americans’ but are really from the United Kindgom and Ireland.   We came up with not just ten, but fourteen! I am certain that there are far more that could be considered for this list and many more if we had included film. However these are the ones we came up with from the shows we have watched.

In no particular order:

1. Sam Palladio (English) in Nashville (USA) and the Hour (UK)
2. Dominic West (English) in the Wire (USA) and the Hour (UK)
3. Georgia King (Scottish) in the New Normal (USA) and Merlin (UK)
4. Idris Elba (English) in the Wire and the Office (USA) and in Dangerfield (UK)
5. David Harewood (English) in Homeland (USA) and Doctor Who (UK)
6. Damien Lewis (English) in Homeland (USA) and Band of Brothers (USA/UK)
7. Ed Westwick (English) in Gossip Girl (USA) and Casualty (UK)
8. Stephen Graham (English) in Boardwalk Empire (USA) and Coronation Street (UK)
9. Andrew Lincoln (English) in The Walking Dead (USA) and Love Actually (UK)
10. Kevin McKidd (Scottish) in Grey’s Anatomy (USA) and Rome (UK)
11. Joely Richardson (English) in Nip Tuck (USA) and the Tudors (UK)
12. Chris O’Dowd (Irish) in Girls (USA) and the IT Crowd (UK)
13. Hugh Laurie (English) in House (USA) and Jeeves and Wooster (UK)
14. Stephen Moyer (English) in True Blood (USA) and Castles (UK)

Heres a question.  They remake so many shows from England in the USA with american actors.  Have any of our hidden UK citizens acted with an american accent in those shows? 

May the 4th be with You

It is the Fourth of May to all your Star Wars nerds like me!

 am loving the Tudor half timbering in the Towns here.
 #lines #maycreative #photoadaychallange
Fun’ night with my boys! Watching Return of the Jedi for May 4th.
 #photoadaymay #photoadaychallange
Self portrait times four.

I want a dog that looks like Chewie.

Been Sick & Down

The last few days have been quite rough.  I have been pretty sick with a fever and had a bad day at work. The cold is subsiding now and nothing beats a rough work day by coming home to hugs from my boys.  We had a movie night tonight and it really helped bring a smile back on my face. I love my family so much. With the last day of March, I hope for a more positive April. Then for some flowers in May. :)

Playing Mass Effect with the boys as we near the very end of the game. 
Purple soup! Its Cabbage and Paleo and so yummy! 

Watching The Secret of Moonacre with my boys. I am so in love with every one of Maria Merryweather’s gowns.