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Work & Pray

Something you do everyday': Pray. I’ve also started reading my Bible daily.
 I got the cover hand painted when I was living in Thailand.
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Taco salad with organic grass fed beef and homemade guacamole.

‎”Without new ideas, success can become stale.” – Anthony Bourdain @MoLestationsNoReservations

Vidal Sassoon, a man of great vision and passion leaves us with a legacy.

Somewhere I Went

My dad has been in my dreams every night the past three days. Minus the first night, they have not been about the accident thankfully. I like having my dad in my dreams when I cannot have him in my life.

Milk still comes in bottles in England.
Working at the salon today. ‘Somewhere I went’
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Pop in for complimentary Colour Consultations with Hair Designer, Bonnie Rose.
My mother in law posted this photo of my husband as Batman.
I just had to share. 
Supposed to have a film night w/ the kids but my boys must be tired from Tennis, bc they are in bed at 9. After 10 hrs at work Im tired too.

Been Sick & Down

The last few days have been quite rough.  I have been pretty sick with a fever and had a bad day at work. The cold is subsiding now and nothing beats a rough work day by coming home to hugs from my boys.  We had a movie night tonight and it really helped bring a smile back on my face. I love my family so much. With the last day of March, I hope for a more positive April. Then for some flowers in May. :)

Playing Mass Effect with the boys as we near the very end of the game. 
Purple soup! Its Cabbage and Paleo and so yummy! 

Watching The Secret of Moonacre with my boys. I am so in love with every one of Maria Merryweather’s gowns.

First Snow!

I did try to take a photograph today but given my time constraints with being at work and having an iPhone 3Gs that was not quite possible.  I looked outside our huge windowed walls at work and saw those snowflakes falling and I felt like a six year old.  It is the first snow fall I have witnessed in England since moving back.  I felt like dancing!  It was not the type of snow to stick and it was not quite cold enough to keep it long. Despite those common denominators it was quite magical all the same.  Sadly it seems the snow is not as welcomed to those around me at work and taken for granted.  I wish I could have seen it with my boys so we could have been excited together. However they were able to witness the snow with their dad. Hopefully it will snow again soon.

Holiday Make up

I love sparkle.  It is that special word that makes diamonds so appealing to my eyes. However diamonds are expensive and I do not own one yet.  I do however have glitter, and that is this girl’s next best thing.  Today for work I used Urban Decay’s glitter eyeliner wand in silver above my black maybelline liquid liner and finished my Chanel mascara.  I got a lot of compliments at work from clients about my holiday make up.  I am going to see what other holiday looks I can do for the next month.