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A Perfect Sunday in England

Today has been quite a different Sunday for us.  Ryan had to go into work for several hours today and I am preparing to go into town and do something I have not done in ten years.  Amongst all the feelings of anxiousness I am looking back at how last Sunday went down.  We went to church and then decided to walk into town.  On our way we stopped into Bathhampton for lunch at the George.  It is situated perfectly against the Canal and the beautiful river boats. Being Sunday we ordered the roast for four and accompanied it with a jug of Pims for the grownups.  With all the lovely sun we have been having lately, it made for a perfect end to our weekend.  I love when our weekends are about relaxation.  Since we went on an eight hour country walk yesterday, my legs and feet are definitely feeling it this morning.  It makes me hope I can get in a little of this relaxing luxury from last weekend sometime later today. 

Q: What did you do this weekend to relax?

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Fun Foods for Kids!

With it being the final week of Summer I have favoured the last of warm weather to wear our shorts and summer tanks.  We are still unsure about when we are coming home to England so I have been finding things to keep our days fun.  What better to keep their interest than fun food!  Today I made them ‘Octopus Speghetti’ for lunch with Turkey hotdogs and whole wheat spegetti. It was pretty simple to make. First I cut each hotdog into four sections.  I wanted the octopus to have eight arms so I punctured the noodles into the center until the ‘arms’ were even on each side.  Once the water had boiled I put the Octopuses into the pot and as the noodles started to cook they sunk down far enough to cook evenly.  Once they were cooked and drained I covered it up with some leftover sauce and voilà!  It was definitely a huge hit with my boys.

This week we started it off with a cookout with friends of the family at the park.  Another time for hot dogs, this time grilled over a fire pit.  My boys do not eat a lot of hotdogs, so they were much more excited about the dessert: S’mores!  We had fun roasting the marshmallows and trying not to catch them on fire.  Better yet pairing them with chocolate and putting them in between two graham crackers.  Its been a great week and I look forward to Fall starting tomorrow!

‘Octopus Spaghetti’ made from turkey hotdogs and whole wheat spaghetti.  
Before & After of the cooking process. 
Roasting hot dogs over the fire pit at the park. 

Roasting marshmallows for S’mores.
My S’more 
Here I am roasting a marshmallow for my sons’ s’mores. 
The boys playing with the Playmobil© toy lot found at a yard sale this last week. Its been a huge hit!

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