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I used to go to Starbucks all the time.  More so when I lived in Hawaii and basically because it was the main meeting place for me and my best friends.  To be fair in Hawaii there is practically a Starbucks (nestled next to a Jamba Juice) on almost every street corner.  I am exaggerating (slightly) but there are enough of them on the island that you have to be quite specific when determining which Starbucks you are meeting someone at so that you show up at the right place.  I had pretty much two drinks at Starbucks.  If it was cold I would get Hot Chocolate.  Forget tea…I can never get anyone in the USA to make a proper cup to enjoy it enough to warrant the $ of buying one. If it was hot out I really liked ordering either an iced green tea with strawberry puree and one splenda in replace of the sweetener or a tall iced black tea with no water (so it was strong) and two splenda.  It would be a very rare occasion that I ever ordered anything with coffee in it because after growing up in Italia, Starbucks expresso is pretty burnt and revolting.  Its not the ‘real’ stuff.  When I moved to England I was introduced to a new chain called Costa and if I need to order a hot drink when I am out, that is my first choice to go to.  The whip creme that they put on hot cocoa has marshmallows in it and it is divine.  But definitely trying to stick to mostly hot green tea with nothing added to it or a typical English tea, white.   
One of my friends from Hawaii, who now lives on the mainland, was asking about the regional mugs from Starbucks.
I found the England versions this morning at the Starbucks in our grocery store and took a photo.  (£6.75)
Kinda wish I had gotten an awesome mug from Hawaii now. :( 

The Muppet Movie and Thai in Brighton

Headed back in the cold to go to Brighton 
Maddox ready for some food!

Window candles at the Thai restaurant 

Hot Green Tea

The boys love Thai food!

Fun family time

Ryan on his phone

Ronan cleaned his plate…as did Maddox. Good boys!

Left over Valentines decorations

Pretty pink pout. 

Muppet Movie Madness!

Love Love LOVE Miss Piggy!

Park Time

The boys have the week off from school do to half term.  I took a holiday from work today to watch the boys so we headed to the park.  They had fun playing and then we headed back through the trail for lunch at home.

Maddox loved the yellow gold on the tree; his favourite colour!
Ready to play tag?  
Hes got a very strong faith.  He’s praying for a baby sister at this moment. :)
With my boys at the park. 

Valentines Day

10 years ago Ryan and I had our first date at University. We spent the next weekend, Valentines Day, on a trip to Austin, TX with our traveling theatre troupe. I remember catching him looking at me across the table at dinner. Tonight, ten years later, I caught him looking at me with that exact same look. Here’s to another ten Valentines. ♥ 

For Valentines Day we had aimed to see a castle, but it was not in our cards this year. However we had a really nice time out in the town of Hastings.  The boys got to climb rocks and see a beautiful look out, they played at the park, we walked through the town, and we had a wonderful supper at a very old and historical pub.  We topped off the night with a stop in an authentic old sweet shop. 

Found Heart in Hastings. 

Ronan and Maddox picking out their Sweets.