Monthly Archives: February 2012

Snow Day!

After going to bed knowing there would be much more snow on the ground, we were all quite excited to wake up and play in it.  The boys and I got dressed for the snow and then headed out to get breakfast on the way and a sledge (a sled in the US).  We went to the football park nestled in the middle of the town where there were quite a bit of inclines perfect for sledging.  We   had fun also making snowman, throwing snowballs, and making snow angels.  Ryan came and met us after work and by the time we went back home we had been in the snow for three hours!  I love being in the snow and I was pleasantly surprised to find the snow was so perfect for so many snowy activities.  The boys were very eager to get some hot cocoa back on the way home and talk about all the fun they had in the snow.  It was a great way to finish up the weekend.

The boys once we got to the park. 

Its Snowing!

So excited to look outside the window while getting the boys ready for bed.  I had only bed home for a couple of hours from work and the world was already covered with a blanket of snow! The boys could not wait to go sneak a peek outside.  We are so excited that tomorrow is Sunday so we can go outside and have a snow day!

It is Snowing!
Maddox was quite excited!

Maddox runs the class store

When Maddox and I got to school today, I found out I was in for a treat.  They set up a class store and Maddox was playing the store owner.  I got to choose items to ‘buy’ and let Maddox work out the change.  It was really cute and we had fun doing the role play activity.

Maddox plays shopkeeper. 
After getting to school I get to buy things from Maddox as he practices with money.  So cute.