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Self Portrait: ‘To the Music’

Another Saturday is upon us and that means it is another edition of Self Portrait Saturday. This is a reflective piece about my current view of life.  A portrait of myself inspired by my father’s view of living life and enjoying life to its fullest.  We are inherently never in full control. We can no sooner control life’s outcomes than we can control the weather.  Sometimes this lack of control can cause people to try to control people around them.  Be it to modify their world views or force people into the same mold of how they envision life should be.  Feeling we cannot control our situations some people are quick to judge others around them or point out every moment where something is out of place, not right, or goes wrong.  Life should not be forced. Nor burdened under the weight of guilt passed on from one to the next.  Life should be full of passion. We may not be able to control the song, but we can choose to dance.
Self Portrait ‘To the Music’ by Bonnie Rose Photography © 2007 – 2013 All Rights Reserved | 

I try to do one every week and post on a Saturday. 

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Self Portrait: ‘Lost in the Noise’

For my Self Portrait this week I decided to focus on my weakness.
This year that is working with a fairly basic camera compared to my D700.
Working in low light situations and having a lot of noise has always 
been two things to which make me feel most uncomfortable.
So this week: Deal with the noise.
I embraced it and played with it and accentuated it.  
It may not be most beautiful portrait. It may be flawed.
But I am accepting the beauty in the noise. 
Self Portrait by Bonnie Rose Photography © 2013 All Rights Reserved | 

Black & White

‘Chocolate Candy': Maltesers beat out whoppers.
#maycreative #photoadaychallenge 

‘Something you made': My She-Ra head piece for my cosplay debuted at Tucson Comic Con 2010. 
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Geometric styling day. #fashion

Champagne for Ryan’s A in his Irregular Warfare course. @ryana_official

Live and let live.

Somewhere I Went

My dad has been in my dreams every night the past three days. Minus the first night, they have not been about the accident thankfully. I like having my dad in my dreams when I cannot have him in my life.

Milk still comes in bottles in England.
Working at the salon today. ‘Somewhere I went’
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Pop in for complimentary Colour Consultations with Hair Designer, Bonnie Rose.
My mother in law posted this photo of my husband as Batman.
I just had to share. 
Supposed to have a film night w/ the kids but my boys must be tired from Tennis, bc they are in bed at 9. After 10 hrs at work Im tired too.

More Rain

Just spent the evening having a ‘Mummy and boys’ night while Ryan is doing his thing at Chatham house in London. I wish it was not a school night and I did not have a long work day tomorrow. Would have loved to stretch our fun night out longer. I love my two little men.

Another rainy walk to school.
‘Black & White': Our wall art.
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