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Are You a Girl Gone International?

I started this blog when I became a mum as a way to share photographs and our travels with family across the globe. I found my purpose in blogging through becoming an expat and moving abroad. Something I had not expected were all the opportunities that would come from having a blog.  One of which is being introduced to an amazing online community, Girl Gone International and becoming the Adventure & Travel editor for their online magazine. For me it was finally finding a community to where I felt I belong with like minded individuals who love being a citizen of the world.
What is Girl Gone International?
✈ Non-Profit Organisation
✈ New generation of women living abroad
✈ We represent, connect and support
✈ Over 10,000 members
✈ Fast growing, friendly global community
✈ 100s of free events all over the world
✈ Active hubs in 24 cities
✈ 20 more hubs opening in 2013
✈ Busy online communities on different platforms
✈ Funded by our magazine GirlGI
✈ Digital Lifestyle & Travel Magazine
✈ – new site coming soon!

About GGI  communities

Each city has it own Community Manager. The girls that come to our events are English speaking and internationally minded who want to meet like-minded friends, gain a foothold in their new city or build a strong network. Alternatively they have just come home from being abroad and want to keep in with an international circle. 
Girl Gone International Communities can be found in: 
Reykjavik | Edinburgh | Glasgow | London | Manchester | Amsterdam | Berlin | Hamburg | Freiburg | Dresden | Munich | Dusseldorf | Frankfurt | Vienna | Stockholm | Athens | Croatia | Rome | Paris | Madrid | Palma | Barcelona | Alicante | CapeTown | LA | New York | Ottawa | Vancouver | Brisbane | Mexico City | Panama | Rio | Seoul | Boston | Toronto
I am so happy to be able to offer you a complimentary issue of the Girl Gone International magazine! For the next several days I am holding a giveaway here at ACR.  To enter this giveaway follow GGI and I on the social media sites below and tweet about this giveaway.  You can tweet about this once a day through out the giveaway for an additional point. 
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Model of the Month: Ginger & Red Heads

When I was living in Hawaii I was reminded continually that I was on a small island.  You ran into the same people, in the photography world everyone was shooting the same models, and you had to search hard to find anything that in a photograph would not scream ‘I live in Hawaii’.  Perhaps that is why I was surrounded by so many male photographers who shot only young females in their bikini on the beach.  I was on a hunt for something unique and that was when I discovered Alysha.  I believe I was specifically looking for models with long hair and it was her striking ginger hair that caught my eye.  Living in an asian melting pot of cultures you do not see a whole lot of pales skin or red hair.  We found out we were both here because of the military as her boyfriend was stationed on Oahu at the time. Instantly my head flooded with ideas for shoots and that is how my ‘Model of the Month’ project in 2010 began.  I decided I would work with one model every month and see what body of work we could produce together.  I would then release her ‘cover’ shot and my favourite images from the shoots. 
This shoot was one of our last shoot togethers though you might remember seeing her from In the Middle of a Dream shoot,  Living Doll Shoot, the Mermaid Cove shoot, and the Colour Pop shoot.  We shot this series all from my living room with the aid of my Alien Bees lighting.  I pulled out a few props and we worked together for a few fun portraits for an outcome of her cover shot.  I basically chose my living room wall as the backdrop to make sure her hair just popped in the photographs. When our month did come to an end I was quite sad because we had so much fun together.  The best shoots I have done are the ones where the model and I were close or had worked together before.  It is something I definitely miss about living on Hawaii.  The network of models, photographers, stylists, and hair and makeup artists is quite like a family.  I loved having an idea to shoot and calling up someone I had worked with to get together for a shoot.  I did end up calling Alysha again to cast her for a photo shoot for a magazine publication…because of her red hair.  I have to say that is her most distinguishing quality about her as a model and it is why I wanted to work with her in the first place.  
Side note:  I am glad I made use of this wall because I have never spent so much time doing a DIY painting project before.  This was our first home to own and where I could finally paint my walls.  My husband and I of course fell in love with a labour intensive technique that involved not normal paint brushes but a metal spatula of many coats for a faux finish. It looked pretty but took days to complete.

Did you see the Behind the Scenes video 
for making In the Middle of a Dream shoot?
*photography belongs to Bonnie Rose Photography ©2007-2013 All Rights Reserved – 

Manifold [Meet Bonnie Rose]

NEW: Newest article is now published online at Click the link below to read it.
1. WHO:
Who are you?  In 100 words or less (a hundred words usually comes out to a small paragraph). 
Who are you? The answer to that question is as easy to answer as the question, “Where are you from?”  That seemingly easy question of just four words still always gets a dramatic pause from my lips. I used to answer it simply, “No where.”  In University I was taught to embrace a more positive response of ‘everywhere’.  A bit of an exaggeration, but  provokes a smirk or chuckle from the questioner. I am a proud TCK (third culture kid…google it), a military brat, a semi-missionary kid, former military wife (still married, just not to the military), and traveler with two citizenships who holds her personal identification to 4+ countries. 

You last meal consists of two things, what is it:

Vegetables and Brown rice. I have labeled my family ‘Flexetarians’. We have been vegetarians and vegans for certain periods of our life. In the past I have been frustrated with individuals who would make fun of my vegetarian diet or question whether the way my family ate was ‘healthy’.  Or then be teased in periods when I did eat meat for not being a then strict vegan.  Labels can be annoying, especially for a girl who finds herself in the grey area of life.  To me food is more about the health benefits and my love of good tasting food. My husband and I do strive to continue to use food as fuel for our bodies and some nights may be a vegan meal, while another we may be eating fish.  The important part for us is to be flexible, and embrace new ideas and keep life enjoyable.

Two websites aside from email/facebook/twitter that you go to the most:   

I did not want to join, finally got sucked in and it is a great place to find ideas, inspiration and motivation. 
My only way to keep up with my favourite American shows since sites like Hulu, Pandora, and IHeartRadio do not work in the UK. 
Two favorite cities and why…

This is really hard for me to answer because I could easily put a number of two city combinations here.  I have traveled so much in just 29 years of life. I am going to side with emotional reasons for places being my ‘favourite’, and perhaps not the wonders that I saw. 

I say the closest to home I have is Napoli because we had the opportunity of living their twice for a total of just about six years.  During that time I have gotten to go to Lucca.  It has these Renaissance-era walls that surround the city and you can rent bicycles and ride on top of it. In the summer they have amazing artists come and I got to see James Taylor play (with Sting as his improntu guest for a song).  It is such a beautiful and historic location.
Austria. Salzburg. Innsbruck. To be quite honest, I love the whole country.  My favourite time to go is during the skiing season for snowboarding. I love the beautiful sights, the snow, and of course the food.  Germknödel anyone? 
3. What?

What do you do for a living?  

I am a mum first and foremost to two boys.  I also work as a hair designer at two salons here in Burgess Hill and Brighton. On top of that I am a freelance pro photographer who specializes in lifestyle portraiture and fashion and a makeup artist trained in airbrush makeup.  I love being creative.  

What was the first and last album you bought?

First album was Grave Dancers Union by Soul Asylum and the last one was  Lights is the debut studio album Lights by English recording artist Ellie Goulding.

What is your nickname, how did it come about?

‘BonBon’ is the nickname most people come up with who become close acquaintances or friends in my life.   I have a close friend who calls me Bonzai. Not sure how he came about with that one, but I like it a lot. My sister calls me ‘B’ which I may prefer over Bonnie.

What tattoos do you have if any?

After my father passed away I got his plane tattooed on my forearm, an F-111E.  Without meaning too I have added to the tattoo by burning my arm on an iron while protecting my kids from it.  Now my plane looks like it has a jet stream leaving it. I also have an outline of a black star on my right foot by the toes for my Esther, my favourite female in the bible.

4. IF.
If you could anywhere in the world, all expenses paid, where would you go?

New Zealand. Closely followed by Russia and Morocco.  I chose New Zealand because it was one of the those places I wish I had gone when I went backpacking around Australia.  I am a huge avid fan of Tolkien’s books like the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings trilogy.  Having seen the films many times over I would love to go see those beautiful landscapes in person.

If you could only pick one person to go with you on this trip who would it be?

My partner Ryan.  The last place we got to go on a real trip to was Thailand back when I was pregnant with our first child.  We were there for the summer doing mission work and helping Thais practice their English.  Since then I have gotten to go back to Thailand and go to Cambodia. My husband has gotten to go explore Japan shortly after the tsunami last year and is going to Marrakech, Morocco shortly with his classmates from University.  I look forward to getting to actually getting to go on travels and trips with him around the world together.  It is a passion of mine and something we have not gotten to do much of with his previous commitments with the military.

If your friends were to describe you what would they say?

It might depend who you ask and what country they are from to say how they would describe me.  In England, I am perceived as an American. In the USA I was perceived as not really American but a girl from Europe. Despite whatever cultural differences people may describe about me I would think they would say that I was passionate, creative, driven, and loving mother.

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Manifold Mag [Music]

My first article about ‘Music that Inspires you’ is published now online! I (Bonnie Rose) am a weekly contributor for The Manifold, an online magazine. Thank you to Johnny Kenneally, a coworker of mine at Peewees, who is featured this week as my model. Make sure to check every week for my next article! xx Bonnie Rose — with Bonnie Rose Aherin.