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25 Weeks and Counting Down

Looking for date night outfits, I was inspired by the dress I wore at a wedding five years ago.
Keeping with the blush and pinks with the fascinator for the English in me. 
On the second of August, 2013 my husband and I will have been married for ten years. This weekend will be eleven years since we had our first date.  A third of my lifetime has been married  to Ryan.  So much can happen in ten years. We have been through more than I would wish on anyone to have to experience.  So much thrown at us that it almost tore us apart irrevocably. Sadly in our military community we witnessed so many divorcing and calling it quits.  Yet having come through it all it has made us closer and stronger than ever before.  So in twenty five weeks time my husband and I will be reaffirming our love as we renew our vows.  Every week I will be blogging a ‘Wedding Wednesday’ post as we count down to the big day.  
My husband and I in Paris last summer for our 9th Anniversary in the city of Love.
Though not taken on the day, we had been married 5 years at this wedding we attended.
This was my ‘Sex and the City’ Carrie inspired ensemble.
The fascinator was a DIY that I made myself out of a broach and feathers. 
‘He wore black and I wore white’ – Nancy Sinatra ‘Bang Bang’

 I have set a new years resolution for myself and though it be February, I do not see it too late to start one.  I aim to take so many more photographs where Ryan and I are both in the frame together.  Looking back through old photographs to post for this blog I realized that we have so many of just one of us, while the other person took the photograph. My goal is to better document our love for us to cherish and look back on when we are truly ‘old and gray’.

The lack of couple photographs aside there have been many anniversaries and huge chunks of time where we have not been together due to the military and other circumstances out of our control.  I do not like missing important dates or being apart for long time, let alone an evening.  I really do cherish every moment we have together for life is uncertain and far too short.

One thing that I have definitely learned in the last ten years is you cannot let the words and actions of others come into your marriage and break you apart.  You have to be team.  If you let other people, be they acquaintances or family, speak ill of your partner or do things that could cause friction and stress you have to block them out.  What I love so much about Ryan in this moment in time where we are today is that he blocks out the toxicity of others and holds me close with so much love.

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** Wedding photography by Angela Alexander.
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Christmas Eve!

 I had to work today so when I got home there seemed to be a lot to do in order to get ready.  The boys wrote their letters to Father Christmas, made christmas crafts, baked christmas cookies, and read christmas stories together.  We put the boys to bed in our room, because ‘Mr & Mrs Claus’ had a lot to do tonight! 7 hours until my boys will be up to see what Father Christmas left them. That means 7 hours to put together an IKEA loft bed, IKEA play kitchen items, make the Indiana Jones club house, find the two missing presents, wrap everything, fill the stockings, and to eat the cookies, the carrot, and drink the milk!

Mistletoe for sale near my work

The boys write their Christmas letters to Father  Christmas

Mimi sent the boys lots of packages of Christmas crafts! 
Making Christmas crafts!
Making Christmas crafts!
Making snowman ornaments! 
Christmas crafts complete!
Making cookies for Santa!
Christmas stories with my boys. 
Time to eat the cookies and drink the milk! 

Wrapping presents and placing them under the tree. 
Setting up the loft bed in the boys’ room.  
All ready for Christmas morning! 

Love Story: The Beginning

I had a fun night tonight, reminiscing over the beginnings of my relationship with my partner, Ryan. I had quite a few short, meaningless relationships in school growing up, but Ryan was my first and only serious relationship at University. We were friends for a semester, traveling out of state frequently with our Theatre Ministry group and hanging out in the Theatre Department on campus. We dated the next semester, and had a summer break before Ryan and I got engaged. We spent the next two semesters planning our Fall wedding. Looking back on it now, it was a very short dating period of just a year and half. I really enjoyed reading back through my old journal post about our dating and wedding times, and so much so I’ve added it as a page to my blog. If you care to reminisce with me, than take a look at ‘Love Story‘.