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Mothering Sunday

Today is Mothering Sunday in England.  
Let me wish all the new mums in England a wonderful first Mum’s Day!  
(Shout out to Lauren at Aspring Kennedy
This morning we had a delicious paleo breakfast of eggs, bacon and avocado with our tea.
In the typical rush fashion of getting the four of us ready for Church,
we arrived late fashionably on time.  
I do love walking briskly up the road as the church bells beckon us near.
Ronan and Maddox were asked to be in the morning procession, 
with Ronan carrying the cross towards the front.  
Maddox, in younger brother mode, made some sort of silly face 
as he followed up behind.
I was really touched seeing Ronan, my eight year old, pass out all the flower bouquets
to the mums in church today.  He is growing up to be such a sweet gentleman.
Its hard to believe that I’ve been a mum for eight years now.
So many friends of mine are having babies and my youngest is nearly six.
I would be lying if I said I did not have baby on the brain. 
Children are such a blessing and I cannot imagine life without my boys. 
A little shout out also to my mum (aka ‘Nonna’) who gave birth to me thirty years ago
in Oxford, England and paved the way for this expat living abroad. 
My mum is spoiled.  She gets Mothering Sunday with me
and Mother’s Day with my sister Zoë.
Love you mum. 

Mothers Day (USA)

It is Mother’s Day in the ol’ US of A, but since we already celebrated this holiday here in the UK I did not make it a big deal with my boys. Besides is not every day mothers’ day? 😉

My family experienced the Luminarium today in Lindfield. Bonnie Rose © 2012 All Rights Reserved 

To celebrate Maddox Charles Aherin‘s last day as a four year old we went to the Levity III Luminarium at Lindfield’s Art Festival after church. It was truly a spectacular activity to experience as a family. The boys got to take a hula hoop class from some pretty hippy girls with their ‘High Hoops’ troope and taste some Gluten Free cupcakes. Plus we bought the book in which Ronan’s poem was published. Family Days are certainly Fun Days in life.

Bonnie at the luminarium

My mum with my friend Bethany and my sister Zoë in Malibu, California.
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At Linfield Art festival with my boys. Ronan had his poem published in a book, so we are here to find and purchase a copy.

Mothering Sunday

My boys woke me up on Mothering Sunday with homemade cards from school, flowers, and chocolates. 
Maddox with his card for me. 
I loved the pink roses!
Ronan withs his daffodil card, so cute! 
Inside Maddox’s card 
Inside Ronan’s card. Love that bee! 
Pink roses are so beautiful. 
Closer look at Ronan’s card.  
Dinner for Mother Sunday.  This was my first time eating the marrow from the bone too. 

Its officially Mother’s Day in England. Happy Mothering Sunday to all the mums. #lovemyboys
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Just devoured dark chocolate covered strawberries that my husband made for me. So yummy! #lovemylife

Woke up to boys wishing me happy Mother’s day w/ pink roses, chocolates, and cards. I love my boys so much! Their smiles light up my life ♥