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Dear Readers

Day 27, Monday: A Letter to Your Readers

I still havent gotten bored of the view from my backgarden. ¬†Hopefully you are not bored of seeing it yet either. ūüėȬ†

Dear Readers,

Our month of blogging every day is coming to a close with just four more prompts left to go. ¬†I have met a lot of new friends during the last few weeks and I have enjoyed the little vacation from my¬†regularly¬†scheduled posts on A Compass Rose. When June arrives I will be going back to my normal schedule. ¬†While blogging everyday can seem like a lot of work, the structure has helped me keep my blog active. ¬†I realize not everyone has the time to read blogs daily, and so I aim to set up the same genre of posts on certain days. ¬†If you really enjoy reading about ‘My Ex-pat Life’ in England then you will know when those posts are scheduled. ¬†If you are a daily reader you will know what to look forward to when you come to A Compass Rose. ¬†

We are all pretty much new friends at this point. Whether you have just found my blog today or have been following since February. I went from having only my mum read my blog in January to four months later and I have over 200 readers now through Bloglovin. I only realised this morning I had reached that blogger milestone and I am very thankful and blessed.  

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I wanted to say thank you to you all because you have made blogging, with the intent to share with other people, a very enjoyable experience. I cherish every single comment that appears on A Compass Rose. ¬†I enjoy being able to correspond back and forth through email from comments both on my blog and on the blogs I read. ¬†It has really turned my one sided conversation of a post into a open conversation between blogger friends. ¬†Thank you for taking the time to respond to the posts, they become the chocolate chips in my cookie of a life. ūüėȬ†

*If you do not get an email reply to your comment I am not ignoring you.   Message me and I can help diagnose the problem.

This blog started in 2005 under the name ‘Mummy Paparazi’ and has evolved since then to what you see today. ¬†I have put it aside during the harder times in life, and picked it back up during the better. ¬†Authenticity is one of my favourite words and being authentic to you, my readers, is my goal in each post. ¬†They say ‘a picture is worth thousand words’. ¬†I know sometimes photographs can be misleading by not telling the whole story. ¬†I want you to know that in this space of mine I want to be open with you. ¬†Feel free to ask questions and talk with me on twitter¬†@the_bonnierose¬† When you live in one place long enough you start taking the smaller things for granted. ¬†If there is something you would love to see me blog about from my expat life in England send me a message. If you just want someone to talk to then I am here for you too.¬†

Whever in the world you may live, and whatever timezone, thank you for being a part of this blogger journey with me.  I look forward to seeing where we go from here. 

I leave you with a few photos from my Instagram yesterday as we enjoyed the warm sunshine in merrily ol’ England and got a bit of colour from being outside most of the day. ¬†

Pancakes and Pims for brunch followed by family reading time outside.  
I finally finished Game of Thrones. 
When the sun comes out everyone in England acts like it is a miracle.  I could see and hear this football match from our house. 
I watched for a few minutes up closer when running to the shop for an ice cream treat to surprise my family. 
Between reading and the hot sun (wait how was it only 59F, it seriously felt like it was  90F) 
we got quite tired and ended up taking the sleeping bag outside to get in an afternoon family nap.  

It was a lovely weekend and I will be sharing what we did on Saturday soon. ¬†One more note on the weather: I know I have officially¬†assimilated¬†to life in England when 59F/15C feels like summer. ¬†At one point my boys went inside because they said it was ‘too hot’. ¬†It was definitely a rare sunny day in England where there were hardly no clouds in the sky and the just a slight breeze. ¬†Had there been wind, or enough clouds to cover the sun the temperature drops dramatically. In Hawaii I would not want to go to the beach if it was below the 80’s because it was ‘too cold’. ¬†I would wear a sweatshirt and have my arms crossed my chest in Hawaii where in England at the same temperature I am breaking out my bikini and tank tops. Weather really is relative to what you are used to and I think I am getting used to weather in England. ¬†However I have yet to learn how to dress for the weather here. ¬†I am usually wearing way too many layers because I do not like to be out and about and being too cold. What better point can I make about adjusting to life in England then writing a whole paragraph about the weather. ūüėČ

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!

Bonnie Rose aka B. 
Author of A Compass Rose


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Tigerlilly Quinn & Bath Fashion Museum ‘Blate’

Day 26, Sunday:¬†Something you read online. Leave and link and discuss, if you’d like.¬†

Last week I had the pleasure of going to the Bath Fashion Museum with bloggers Fritha and Lia. ¬†The¬†‘Blate’ (Blogger¬†+ Date) is featured today on Tigerlilly Quinn¬†filled with amazing photography by Fritha. ¬†Please check it out to read more about the blate and leave a comment to say hi!¬†
I have included a few of Fritha‘s photographs for the post today:
Photograph belongs to Fritha of Tigerlilly Quinn
Photograph belongs to Fritha of Tigerlilly Quinn 
Photograph belongs to Fritha of Tigerlilly Quinn 

Q: Have you been on a ‘Blate’ before? ¬†Which bloggers did you meet up with and what did you guys do?


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Wise Words from my Friend

Day 25, Saturday: Something someone told you about yourself that you’ll never forget (good or bad)

This is a candid of myself in front of the same Union Jack flag back when we were stationed in Monterey, California in 2005. ¬†At this time my husband and I had been married for only two years and had one son under a year old. Still a young married woman and a new mum. ¬†My husband had just joined the military and was in his technical training stage. ¬†Basically back when this photo was taken we were both so young and in new stages of our lives. Things that would make me sad, get me anxious, or stress me out back then all seem so trivial now. ¬†My biggest gripe back then was figuring out to schedule family time with my husbands crazy school and study schedule with the military and dealing with what to do with all things my MIL sent me that I did not need. It was a different time in my life and I’m not sure what I would tell myself if I could go back in time.¬†

Two years later we were stationed in Hawaii and welcoming our second son. ¬†Then all the hard times would hit us like an unexplained storm ready to leave us in the wreckage. ¬†Being so far away from any ‘home’ and people for support I owe my darkest hours to a friend many miles away. ¬†She was my mentor and role model growing up and had always been so strong in my eyes. ¬†Now seeing what she has had to go through I really feel blessed to have had her wise words through email during my hardest times. ¬†While I keep those words and emails private, she has said something to me during the time frame of this portrait below that I have kept written out to remind me when I am having a bad day. ¬†I think especially as mothers we can feel that we are expected to be superwomen. ¬†To be perfect in every way, to let no one down, and make no mistakes. ¬†However she has constantly reminded me how much we can do for our families and for our children by just loving them with all our hearts. ¬†It does not matter what the rest of the world says or does, if you have love, share love and give love you become the glue to hold it all together.¬†

¬†“I am so proud of you Bonnie. I know life is difficult and there are severe problems at times, but you are so courageous and strong to hold it all together and hold everyone together. I am learning from my own kids around me, that it doesn’t matter how much we mess up or how bad, just that we love them, love those around us. We are the glue that holds it all together and God gives us that blessing.”
 Рmy friend

Thank you to my beautiful, sweet, and loving friend.  You are so strong and you have been the strength for me when I thought I had nothing left.  You helped with words of wisdom and scripture to help guide me through the darkest times. In all honesty I would not be here today with my family if I did not have you in my life. Thank you for caring so much about me, especially when it seemed no one else did. I love you!


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Happy 25th Birthday Zo√ę

It is my half birthday which means it is my younger sister’s Birthday today! ¬†She turns twenty five years old and to mark her quarter of a century birthday I have devoted this post to her. ¬†Zo√ę, who works as a sommelier in DC, is celebrating this milestone by jetting to California to enjoy the wineries out west. ¬†While I so wish I could be celebrating with her I will have to wait until she comes back to visit the UK at the end of July. ¬†

Took these in Tucson, AZ in 2011 before saying goodbye to¬†Zo√ꬆas she headed home to DC and we soon left for the UK.
Effect caused by placing her BlueBlockers sunglasses in front of the camera lens. 
Zo√ę is also a Third Culture Kid, graduated from Pepperdine University, and is the favourite Aunt to Ronan and Maddox.
Since we spent a significant part of our lives growing up in Italy, my sons call her Zia 
Zo√ę. ¬†

My sister and I in Naples Italy during the total of sixyears that we lived in Naples, Italy.
I am holding our boxer, Baci, who stole our hearts as just a young puppy. RIP <3 

So excited and proud to be able to see her graduate from Pepperdine University in Malibu, California in 2011.

Zo√ę, means ‘life’ in Greek and we have always joked from a very young age that she is ‘full of it’. ¬†She really lives life to the fullest and is not afraid of taking risks. ¬†She grew up moving and traveling around Europe until she was a preteen. ¬†In the states she found her love for dance, ballet, cheerleading, and music. ¬†Spent her senior year as a foreign exchange student in Australia before attending Pepperdine University. ¬†While there she studied at their campus in Florence, becoming fluent in Italian and began learning Arabic back in California. ¬† After getting her degree in International Relations, she found her passion in wine and is now a Sommelier certified, level 2 of 4. Though she now lives in DC, I can¬†foresee¬†her moving abroad¬†sometime¬†in her future. ¬†She is a Third Culture Kid¬†after all¬†and traveling is in her blood. I am so blessed to have her in my life and I only hope our paths continue to cross through out our lives. ¬†

Zo√ę in Photography¬†
I love taking her photo when we are around and here are some of my favourites:
‘Broken Down’ was a concept fashion shoot about a dancer who got delayed during a cross country road trip.
‘Broken Down’ was a concept fashion shoot about a dancer who got delayed during a cross country road trip. ¬†
Zo√ę at Seaside Heights boardwalk at the Jersey shore in 2012 and on a rooftop in West Hollywood in 2011.¬†

Our Holiday portraits December 2012 in Bath, England.
Love this behind the scenes shot with Zo√ę, who was assisting me on a photography shoot in California. ¬†

Music can remind you of people and places.  
Mumford & Sons will always remind me of ¬†Zo√ę.

Have a great 25th¬†¬†Zo√ę!¬†
We miss you so way much and 
look forward to seeing you this summer!


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My 3 Worst Traits as a Blogger

Day 24, Friday: Your top 3 worst traits

This sort of a question in an interview setting always makes my head draw a blank. I could list list off the many less than flattering things I think about myself but is that what you really want to hear? ¬†I have decided to look at my three worst traits as a blogger, and hope that you’ll forgive me and still want to be ¬†my blogger friend. ūüėĬ†

My 3 Worst Traits as a Blogger 


1) I am a procrastinator. I equate it to being a student in school that has 30 days to work on a paper. ¬†Said student puts the research off until the last few days, does not start writing it until the day before, and then runs on to campus to get it in before the deadline. ¬†Yes that is me in the blogger world. ¬†It was actually probably worse when I was only blogging once a week. ¬†Now that I blog daily it has helped me in that regard so much. ¬†I started making an organized schedule of what I will post every day of the week and trying to schedule the week’s posts on Sundays. ¬†However if presented with a deadline I still find myself putting it off until the last possible moment. Or worse yet (and hoping it never happens again) emailing my blogger friend to see if it is too late to turn something in. ¬†Fortunately for me when this happened yesterday Mish was super helpful and kind. ¬†Which has further reminded me to make sure I schedule everything so that I do not eventually get pulled into a Google Hangout with my blogger friends for an Intervention. ¬†

2) I am a Twitter novice. I am not sure when I actually joined twitter because I used to tweet on an older private account.  I mainly tweeted with the few friends who had twitter and followed my favourite celebs.  Tweeting back in 2009 did not mean what it means to me now in 2013.  Back then it was more of a conversation, like instant messaging, between friends when we were not together, similar to facebook. Today however I see a purpose in it as a blogger and as a business owner with Bonnie Rose Photography.  Also most of my facebook friends do not use twitter and following mostly celebs can lose its enticement after a while.  Since I blog about being an expat, tck, and traveler I love reading tweets around the world from similar bloggers. With that said I still do not think I know what I am doing when it comes to Twitter.  Especially when it comes to promoting my posts.  I feel like I either do not promote them at all or too much or not well enough. All these questions run in my head about it. Do I misuse the hashtags? Could I be doing hashtags better? More importantly do my hashtags on Instagram drive you crazy? I think I overanalyze everything about my social media marketing. 

3) I still use my phone camera sometimes. I admit it and I am here to say that I am not happy about it. ¬† Not to say I do not love sharing my instagram photos because I do. ¬†But I have owned professional cameras and work as a portrait photographer. I should never be relying on my iPhone 4 for photographs. ¬†When the lighting is amazing I am not too ashamed of the photographs, but in less than perfect lighting the grain comes in and I cringe. ¬†So maybe I’m a photo snob. ¬†But I also know I love my posts way more when I have photos from my Nikon DSLR and I figure my readers do too. ¬†I know with my¬†prescheduled¬†posts this is not so much of an issue, but with my ‘on the fly’ posts I tend to rely on my phone. ¬†Admitting I have a problem is the first step right?¬†

So with negative I have to follow with positives.

I plan to be better at working against procrastination, to learn more about how to use twitter better, and to share more high quality photographs on my blog.  :)



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What I have learned from Harry Potter

Day 23, Thursday:¬†Things you’ve learned that school won’t teach you

At the last book release with my newly acquired book in hand while carrying my sleeping baby ‘Mandrake plant’ in my HotSling.
There are many things I have learned through experiencing life that I did not learn in school.¬† However there are also a lot of things I learned from reading books.¬† I love J.K. Rowling’s¬† Harry Potter book series and I have both the English and the American series sitting on my bookshelf.¬† I owe my younger sister for getting me hooked into this magical world.¬† My parents had started reading books along with her and I would be sitting at the breakfast table feeling left out as the three of them discussed ‘quidditch’.¬† There were only three books out when I began reading them and was instantly hooked.¬† For each book release we would stay up all night at the bookstores.¬† As my children came along I brought them along too and in costume.¬† My eldest was baby Harry Potter with the scar for the 6th book release and for the 7th he was a Howler and his baby brother was mandrake plant.¬† I now read these books to my children and when we finish a book they are then allowed to finally see the film for the first time.¬† These books have touched three generations in my family since their release in the late nineties.¬†
What makes the Harry Potter series so great is that this in-depth imaginative world of magic is married with so many integral life lessons we can relate to or apply to our own life as muggles. ¬†If you have not read the books I have to caution you with a quote by Doctor Who’s River Song, “Spoilers.” ¬†

1.  How we treat others.  This is a reoccurring theme in the books.  With wizards of different backgrounds (truebloods, half-bloods, and muggle born) many characters use this class system to treat people differently.  Characters like Draco Malfoy who think half-bloods like Hermione are dirt and less off families like the Weasleys, are not much better.  Then of course  w have the house elves who are most mistreated for being common slaves of the magical realm.  

In the Goblet of Fire Sirius says to Ron,¬†If you want to know what a man’s like, take a good look at how he treats his inferiors, not his equals.”¬†¬†

Real character is not defined by someone’s surname nor how well off they are in life. ¬†But by how they treat others, especially those who can do no real benefit to make our lives better. ¬†Selfless acts of kindness are the real strength behind a person.¬†

2. Parent’s Love is Powerful.¬† This is seen from the beginning with how Harry Potter was saved against Voldormort’s attack on his family. ¬†In the last book we see examples of two mothers whose parental love leads them to make choices to protect their children. ¬†Despite the truth that Narcissa Malfoy is horrible woman, she was shown in the books to do anything for her son, Draco, even make an Unbreakable Vow to save his life. ¬†In the Deathly Hallows she spares Harry’s life, walks away from Voldormort, and gets her family to leave the evilness behind. ¬†I felt in the film it portrayed the Malfoys leaving as cowards. While there is truth in that the unblinding love for her family above all else is what drives Narcissa to protect her family and get away. ¬†The other character is Molly Weasley in one of my favourite scenes in the last battle at Hogwarts. ¬†Belatrix has made an attack on her youngest daughter Ginny and makes a comment about her recently deceased twin son, Fred. ¬†Molly’s love her for children sends her into mother bear mode to protect her children which is followed by the infamous scene where she curses and then kills Belatrix. I definitely believe this theme resonates stronger with me now that I have children of my own.¬†

3. Your family is not limited by blood relations. ¬†Harry may have lost his parents early on and have been treated like an unwanted and worthless outsider by his muggle relations. ¬†However that does not mean he does not have a family. ¬†He was practically the eight kid in Weasley family and was looked after by characters at Hogwarts such as Dumbledore, McGonagall, and yes…Snape. For myself I love this truth in the books because it is something that rings true in my own life. ¬†I grew up in Europe where my parents’ blood relations resided in the US. ¬†As small as our family is, as I have no cousins, I had my church family that became my adopted grandparents, uncles, and aunts. ¬†I have friends all over the world that are closer to me as family than blood relations on my husband’s side of the family. ¬†Especially as an expat living an nomadic life, we do not have to limit ourselves to the family to which we are born. ¬†
4. The good deeds of others is not alway seen and you cannot judge a person. ¬†These two things are best represented in the books by my favourite character Severus Snape. He is looked at as a baddie or a non agreeable character through out the series. ¬†It really is not until his death that Harry realizes the truth behind Snape. ¬†It was Snape’s love and devotion for Harry’s mother that motivated him to let others see him one way while he basically looked out for Harry’s best interests through out the story. ¬†His character has helped me in my own life when I had people thinking and saying things about me that were not¬†necessarily¬†true and more so very ugly. ¬†But I had people in my life to protect and I will still go on protecting them. ¬†Perhaps it could have been easier for Snape to just come clean to be treated and respected better by his¬†colleagues¬†and students. But then he would have failed the one he loved. That is what I really liked about his character that he had that much love inside him, though it was not seen by others. ¬†My second favourite character was Neville and he could have easily been discounted as being¬†insignificant¬†and worthless to the story. ¬†But he grew and improved through out the books to become the strong character in the final part of the story. ¬†It proves you should be patient with¬†yourself¬†and others. Never judge.¬†
5. Actions speak louder than words.  In this case they are also more important than the hand we are dealt in life. In the books this is best shown through the comparisons of Harry Potter and Lord Voldermort.  They are so similar when it comes to the lives they were given.  They were both orphans, both found out they were wizards at age eleven, both could speak to snakes, and both were destined for Slytherin.  I still think that Harry Potter, chose to be in Gryffindor.  Which is the the point of this that we all have the choice.  While Tom Riddle chose his path and became Lord Voldemort, Harry Potter chose to be good and fight evil.  
¬†Albus Dumbledore says, “It is our choices…that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.” ¬†
To say that we cannot do something or cannot achieve a goal because we lack something is limiting our true strength and character.  Doors may open and close but we can choose which path to take and can choose how we react to life. 
6. We all make mistakes, but we can grow from them.  We are perfect and we will continue to make mistakes until our last breath.  Just as we should not judge others for their mistakes we should also live by the truth we can come back from them.  Mistakes do not have to define us but to help mold us into better people.  At one point of the books Ron walked away from his friends out of anger.  However he came back and stood beside his friends when they needed him most.   Professor Lupin is a werewolf and does not run away in shame.  Instead he uses that to help mentor Harry and become a stronger character for his choices in the book. Percy was not a character I was necessarily found of in the books.  After he deserts his family he comes back, admitting wrongs and asking for forgiveness. We can all find redemption in this life and we should be quick to forgive others.
7. Inspire others with the way you live your life. Having lost my father almost five years ago this is something I have taken away from his loss.  His life inspired others and he has inspired me, my husband and his grandsons.  Harry too lost his father but it was his memory of him that gave him the stregth to stand up to Voldemort in the graveyard scene.  I want my own children to remember me for the choices I made and the legacy I leave behind. We are not perfect but we can strive to be that person people need in their lives.  Its a powerful theme I take away from this book series.
I know there are many more lessons to be taken away from this book series and so many great lessons from other books.  It is why I love to read and why I pass on the love of books to my children.
Q: What is a book that has impacted you and what have you taken away from it?


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Hair Growth Myths & Growing Long Hair

Day 22, Wednesday: Rant about something.

Long hair. Some of us crave it.  My hair is now longer, but in this photo I wore extensions to get my shoulder length hair to be the look I wanted.

I began my hairdressing career in 2004 and from that time I feel like I have heard it all.   As a licensed professional there is nothing better than being told by clients a) how to do your job or b) that they know better than you (and your mentors, instructors, textbooks, licensing exams) or that your knowledge is incorrect.  

From my time working in salons I have heard quite a lot of myths from misinformed clients.  There is one type of client I have had in my chair that confuses me the most. The girl who believe her hair can grow to a certain point and stops growing.  Those people you know who you are.

‘Who me?’ ¬†Yes. You.¬†
The thing you should know about hair growth is that your hair is in a continual cycle of phases.  About 90% of your hair will be in the Anagen or growth phase.  The other 10% will be either in Catagen or regressing phase and Telogen, the resting phase.  On top of that there are many different factors that can affect your hair growth and the health of your hair.  Things like your health, age, medicines, your diet, and how much sunshine you are exposed too. Ever heard of a Vitamin D deficiency?  Its very common in England.  Then of course theres alway the factor of heredity.  I have known a few friends who were blessed with always having very strong and very long hair and nails that grew like wildfire. It is in there genes.  
So back to the client who is telling me her hair touches her shoulders and then it all stops growing.  Though there are many kinds of hair loss, including after pregnancy, this is not one of them. If it was I was I would have heard about it. It is also not a disorder, which I have gotten most recently from a woman as part of her defense for my ignorance in hair growth.  
Your hair does not have eyeballs. ¬†So it cannot say ‘hey I am now to her shoulders, we must all stop growing now. Heaven forbid she gets long enough hair to do this!’ (See image directly above). ¬†If you were to shave your hair at that point you would see that your hair is still growing a week later. ¬†It works just the same as the hair on your legs. If you dont shave it, it will keep growing. ¬†
Aside from what was mentioned earlier there are other factors that can affect your goal of getting longer length of hair.  This includes how well you take care of your locks.  
1) SHAMPOO: If you are using a really harsh shampoo and using it every day you have higher risk for less than awesome looking hair. ¬†I honestly believe that washing your hair with shampoo should happen no more than twice a week. ¬†The in between times you use really warm water in the shower and scrub your scalp well. ¬†I suggest natural shampoos free of chemicals, but to go the ‘sulfates free’ route if you are choosing a shampoo from your stylist or salon. ¬†
2) TRIMS: ¬†This can go both way. ¬†If you skip your regular trims because you want to ‘keep all your length’ you risk losing more length in the process. ¬†Why? Split ends. ¬†The truth of the matter is split ends can split faster than your hair can grow. ¬†So chew on that for a while. ¬†However if you are getting regular trims and you do not see your hair getting any longer it could be a case of too much of a good thing. Either you are getting your hair trimmed too frequently and/or your hair stylist is cutting off too much in the trims. ¬†If you wait forever to get your hair trimmed and then do it just twice a year you probably see less growth because more has to be taken off due to the health of your ends.¬†
3) TOOLS: Basically anything you do to your hair affects the growth. It is sorta like how people say ‘everything will kill you’. ¬†Everything can damage your hair, including twirling it around your finger. ¬†Your hair is dead once it leaves the follicle, despite the snazzy advertising campaigns of shampoo and hair product companies. ¬†Heat can be the worst. So if you are a slave to your hair dryer and other heat tools you may want to second think that if you want to grow your hair longer. ¬†
4)WET TO DRY:  Do you brush your hair when its wet? Your hair can stretch so much longer when it is wet than when it is dry, which means breakage.  You honestly should never let a hairstylist use any sort of brush in your hair until your hair is 70% dry.  A wide tooth comb and your fingers is good enough until your hair gets to that point.  Then switch to brushes.  
Honestly there are so many factors that can affect your hair it may take a little time to tweak things in your life and see how it changes things over time.  I do not blame you if you were under this assumption that your hair can only grow so long and then it just stops.  But lets be real. 
Image found from Tumblr not sourced.
If you are feeling a bit bummed about this shocking truth, here is a funny image I found about how girls react to getting their hair cut.  It is funny because it is true. 
So if you want long hair and you cannot wait you can always go the extensions route. ¬†It is what I did and I am not ashamed to say it. I only wish I had known about it before. ūüėČ ¬†I currently do not wear them now because my hair has caught up with them so its kinda pointless. ¬†Even if you do not wear them daily, it can be fun for special occasions and nights out on the town. ¬†
PS. COCONUT OIL.  I swear by it.  Best thing for your hair and for growth. 
Q: Hit me with your hair  and beauty questions, what do you want to know?


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