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My 2014 Resolutions

Expat Life 2014  Resolutions

Thank you for everyone’s sweet wishes on my 9th Blogiversary on this weekend past.  Words cannot express how much I appreciate all the out pouring of love I received on the blog and across social media.  Thank you for making the past year an especially rememberable one in the blogosphere.  Last week I shared How to do your 2014 Resolutions and today I want to share the ones I have made for myself this year.authenticity

My resolutions for the year seem to surround one of my most favourite words: authenticity.  When I sat down to think more about this word and what I wanted most for 2014 similar ideas sprung to mind.

Genuineness | Simplicity I Realness | Unity | Dependability | Openness | Directness | Assertiveness

To me it is more about being just true to yourself and honest with others.  It is about living a life that in all areas you can devote the same level of authenticity, heart, mind, and soul.  I was born a passionate being who loves to jump in and give 100% of herself into what I am doing.  It is so easy to be swept up into that sea of creativity, work, family, and all the other aspects of life and realise later that some areas are failing.  2013 was a growing year for me in blogging and I learned a lot about time management through the months.  I give too much of myself and devote too much time to blogging, all that goes into preparing, writing, sharing a blog post, and the social media aspects (twitter, facebook, instagram, etc) then my family members get less of me and a less authentic version of myself and who I live to be.  On the other side of things if I go ‘unplugged’ and spend days away from the blog (even with pre-published posts ready to go), the blogging work starts piling up and the connections with friends and followers starts to fall to the side. Which always brings more stress as I then have so much to catch back up on by way of catching up on social media interactions, answering messages, responding to comments, reading blogs, and commenting on blogs.  It is not a pattern I wanted to continue or relearn in 2014.


(source: my 30 Day Photo Challenge from 2011)

Blogging. My resolutions for 2014 in regard to blogging is continue with being prepared, working to deadlines, and keeping to time requirements.  I will be authentic as giving exactly how much of myself I have said I would give and not compare myself or my blog to others for those that may give more or less of themselves and their lives on their blogs. I see growth coming this year through keeping things simple.  To continue to be be honest and authentic as I share my life as a Third Culture Kid, an Expat, and a photographer living in England.

Simplicity. Just as I want to focus on simplicity on ACR, I want to work at this through out all areas in my life to work toward living an Authentic life in 2014.  In regards to my profession and the work I do outside my home.  Simplicity to the relationships in my life of family and friends and to the work and activities that goes on in my house.  I have the personality type where I like to do it all, jump in head first, and act out the biggest, creative, and grandest ideas that I can think up.  That is a true part to my being and I do not want to stop embracing that energy.  I just mean to focus myself towards a direction of keeping things simple.  To let the things in my life that I love and spend time with to grow and flourish.  To be as authentic as I mean to be without letting other things jeopardize or get in the way of the goal.

Authenticity. I do not claim to be the only one coming up with this goal for 2014.  I have heard many people addressing their need to live more simple lives and to keep more focused on what matters most in their life.  To embrace a more holistic approach to all aspects of living.  This is how I want and will be moving forward this year.


  • To simply all aspects of my life from home to work and beyond.  I want to have the most time available for my husband and my children. 
  • To keep working towards a holistic life from what we eat, to exercise, and to health. To continue doing without shampoo and conditioner (read: no poo) as I am now 7 months going strong!
  • To continue every month with scaling back and cleaning out things we do not need and help my kids learn to adopt the same principals.
  • To work even harder this year with home education with my children.  They both go to schools, but I feel it is important to continue their education outside of the classroom.
  • To not let my love of photography take over my life by staying on top of backing up and organization of my personal photography from camera phone to cameras.  To work towards getting past years photographs simplified from folders of files into presentable yearbooks and slideshows for our family to enjoy.
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How to do Your 2014 Resolutions

How to do your 2014 Resolutions

Welcome to 2014 and a new year to embrace the possibilities! A beautiful thing about life is realizing all the opportunities that await you.  It all starts with a thought and grows with action.  What will you be accomplishing this year? Are there deep hidden passions from within that you have been waiting to act out? A goal you have often thought would be great to have happen, but have not yet seen it through?  Let this be your year!


Brainstorm | Whether you already have one set idea in mine or many floating around in your mind, take the time to think it out.  Get in your zone.  Find a place where you can be a lone and think. Perhaps put on music that will inspire you.  Be inside or outside. The important thing is to be free from distractions where you can really just brainstorm all the possibilities.  You do not have to do everything you think of, you just want to open your mind, your heart, and soul to all that awaits you.

Write it Out | Get that paper handy or write out out on your choice electronic device. Write out all the ideas that spoke to you when you were brainstorming.  Then write under each idea what it is you like about it. What goals do you want to accomplish? What do you want to be able to say at the end of 2014? What grabs you personally about it? This is all about you, so do not worry what others will think.

Make a Plan | Now that you know what you want to achieve in 2014 you have to make a plan.  Starting out with day one.  If you can accomplish one day, you can accomplish two.  Think of it as a day to day thing to make it not overwhelming when thinking in bigger and longer terms of weeks and months. They say it takes 28 days to form a habit so remember that it will get easier and that you are capable of sticking with anything you put your mind to achieving!

Have a Plan B | We are all human and we are going to have our bad days.  So make a plan B.  For example last year I wanted to blog every day.  If I knew I was going to be out of town I would schedule guest posts from other bloggers (ie. Love Week in July/August when we were having our 10th Anniversary Vow Renewal in Wales).  I also wrote up non time sensitive posts that I kept in ‘draft’ mode in case I was uninspired one day and needed something ready to go.  Also remember that sometimes our Plan B will not always work out. It is okay to make mistakes. Pick yourself up and get ready to keep going.

Share it Out | If you keep your plans and goals to yourself and you mess up who will know?  Better yet if you share your goals and resolutions you can have your family and friends help keep you accountable.  The best part is they are not just there for you when it gets hard. They can help encourage and celebrate with you during the great times and moments of greatness too! Perhaps you will inspire others to take part or get involved with their own goals too. Share it forward!

There you have it in five easy steps how you can get started in your resolutions for 2014.  Remember to stay focused and positive. Do not let the negativity get you down or limit yourself to constraints.  Last  year I did not start my blogging every day until February…but I did it through to December. It is up to you to make your plan and what you want to achieve.  Best yet is you can do it!

Q: What will you be achieving this 2014?

Happy New Years!

It is January first of 2012 and we start a brand new year!  Happy New Years to all our friends and family!  Our family looks forward to a new year in England and all that 2012 has in store for us.  This morning we got dressed and headed outside to do our family portraits for 2012.  Sadly just as we got the tripod set it England met us with a downpour of rain.  Despite the quick shoot below is our family photo and I really love how it turned out.  After our shoot we had breakfast in town and then stopped at the beloved game store for some New Years treats.  I believe we will have some black eyed peas for dinner.  I hope everyone has a wonderful new years and that you keep to your resolutions for a successful and productive 12 months ahead. 

Our family on the first of 2012