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Christmas Socks

‘Christmas Socks’ – Mr. Bean quote to label my post because my boys are avid fans of childish baffoon character and he is often brought up in discussions.  Since these stockings are quite cute, why not pay a little tribute to someone who brings a smile and laughter to my kids lives.  
The boys received two packages from their Mimi and Papa in Illinois, USA.  They were filled with all kinds of crafts for the boys to do.  I had to stop them tonight from doing them all in one night, which just shows how excited and appreciative they were for all the crafts.  We decided to one craft tonight and the consensus was to do the stockings.  Each boy chose one of the Elf stockings and I divided up some of the stickers, making sure to keep plenty more for upcoming craft projects.  We labeled each one with the boys’ names and the year for prosperity.  Right now they are sitting up on top of our mock ‘Fireplace’, and hopefully we can find something to hang them from soon.  Being that we use the Fireplace heater quite a bit, did not need a fire starter. :)  
Maddox with his decorated stocking for Christmas.  
Ronan with his decorated stocking for Christmas. 
Have you started decorating for Christmas yet or are you waiting for next week?  

An afternoon in Brighton

Taking the scenic route through the park into town. 
I work 4 days a week, which includes a full day Saturday.  My partner not only is working on his Masters programme, but works a part time job on the side which includes working on Sunday.  Between both of our schedules, we have it orchestrated to a tee to whom is dropping or picking up the kids from school on which ever day, morning, or afternoon and who can be with the kids on the weekends.  Heaven forbid one of them get sick, than our just perfect scheduling matrix will crumble and we have to figure out who can bend their day and pick up the pieces.  Ryan has gotten to take the boys to parties that I could not attend on Saturday because I had work.  I get to take the boys to church and often will take the long way home so we can stop at the park or get something to eat along the way.  I have so far gotten out just once in the evenings, and that was to watch a band play by myself.  When Ryan has gotten to go out with his Uni friends in the evenings and I stay at home with the kids, it seems no different from when he would go out with his military mates and I watched the boys.  But my partner and I hardly have any time where we can just have a date night and spend time with out the kids, let alone all of us together. So today when we had an odd that we were both free this afternoon, we took it and it was lovely. 
I had the Almond Brioche at the French Patisserie and a hot chocolat.

Ryan with his Illy Cappuccino and cannolo. 

I love the bricks and the leaves…life is beautiful. 
  We started with a morning walk from the school into town.  This include taking a short cut through the park, a new way that Ryan had not been before.  This led us to where we stopped inside a french patisserie for breakfast pastries and hot drinks to keep us warm in the cold morning weather.  We chatted about politics and school and all those topics that you cannot get in depth about when you have a six year old whining because his brother will not play by his rules.  Afterwards we took the train down to Brighton and went browsing in the Lanes.  
Ryan and I both loved vintage stores as kids and still do as adults. 
German styled market of wares outside the Churchill Square  shopping centre.
Thrifty find…or die trying. 
Ryan has been on the hunt for some new sweaters to fill up his closet to keep up with the growing cold temperatures this Autumn.  Though we did not find any perfect matches, Ryan did try on this brown leather jacket that was perfect.  As soon as he tried it on, we both knew it was a keeper. Fingers crossed it will still be there in a few days when Ryan goes back to purchase it.  *knock on wood*  Afterwards we took the bus to the beauty supply store and I felt like a kid in a candy store.  It did not have as many hair and beauty supplies that I would have hoped, so hopefully they carry more items on the website.  I picked up some hair colour to keep up my ginger colour and then we took the bus back to the rail station.  Before getting on our train we bought some roasted chestnuts and hot pasties to eat for lunch.  Both were delicious and really hit the spot.  I had only a few minutes to beeline it to the kids’ school upon getting to our station, so I pretty much walked as fast as I could to get there.  Of course I was still early, but at least being early is on time and so I felt much better as I waited with the other parents.  
Roasted chestnuts for sale outside the railway station. 

The last two chestnuts…so yummy!
Ryan with his last roasted chestnut.

I really enjoyed spending one on one time with Ryan, as I do spending time with my boys too.  I really hope Ryan and I can find more time to hang out together, as well as I hope to do one on ones with each of my boys to make sure each of them knows just how special and loved they are every day.  

Soup-er Duper

It has been quite cold out recently. We gave started turning on our heaters more often and make sure to grab out gloves and scarves when headed outside. Something about the cold weather makes me crave soup and so tonight I made my homemade vegetable soup. We teamed it up with oven baked jacket potatoes which were perfect with the soup. I want to start researching new soup recipes, if anyone has a good one please let me know.

Left over homemade Vegetable Soup…perfect for lunch on the go!
Ronan and Maddox enjoying the supper of soup and oven baked potatoes with cheese. 

Fog, morning dew, and spider webs

This morning’s walk to church was rather quite cold.  It was definitely gloves and scarves weather.  The boys were fascinated by the fact that we could see our breath, and Ronan pretended he was a steam engine.  I chose a strapless dress for church that I layered over a few pairs of leggings and tall black socks to keep my legs warm. I really should have tossed on a sweater as another protective layer against the cold beneath my jacket.  Even though I did not take my coat off in church, I would have welcomed the added warmth.  Despite the cold, we were aware of all the beauty around us as we made our way to Lindfield.  I am not a big fan of spiders, or really at all.  But for some odd reason I was not shying away from the plethora of webs that were visible this morning.  If it was not for the morning dew that adorned them like jewels, I would not have even taken notice.  Even though my cell phone battery was running low and my hands were cold to to be out of the gloves, I kept taking photos of all the webs on our walk.  I have posted a few of my favourites as well as the beautiful poppies that were up at the church.  Hope everyone had a blessed Sunday, I know I really enjoyed spending mine with the boys. 
The fog’s presence still around as we reached Lindfield. 
The boys bundled up.  So cold we could see our breath.
Spider webs visible with the morning dew. 
The webs were all over the trees and bushes. 
Another web on a private fence. 

Morning light breaking through the fob making for a lovely sight. 
I love the style of houses in Lindfield and this is one of my favourites. 
Poppy memorials at Lindfield’s All Saints church. 
The Poppy Wreaths. 

Children in Need

Yesterday for Children in Need we brought in our decorated fairy cakes to the school. If you did not see them, go back to the blog post from a few days ago. They had extra ones still when school was let out and so the boys each got one before we walked home.

Cupcakes donated by the parents
25 pence 
Maddox eating his fairy cake
Ronan with his themed balloon
He was really tired and apparently really thirsty.
He could not finish his fairy cake because he really wanted some water.

Ashlynn Conner – Tragic Story of Bullying

No photographs today.  I just saw a video for the news story about the 10 year old girl who killed herself after being bullied at school and felt no way out of the problem.  It really hurts my heart to hear about this, especially having two young kids myself.  Bullying is in the news a lot and it really needs to be halted.  But more than that I really believe people should shut their mouths and think before they talk about other people.  Saying mean things to someone’s face is not the only form of bullying, words said behind people’s backs is just as cruel.  I witness this too much from others.  Kindness is not overrated.  Think before you speak.  

30th with Cake and Cupcakes!

Ryan Turns 30!

Today my partner turned the big 3-0!  I had to work today but Ryan stopped by at the end of my shift at the salon.  I surprised him by decorating one of the stations with ’30’ Balloons, a birthday card and a yummy raspberry cupcake. Afterwards I gave him a hair cut for his birthday.  He has been growing his hair out since he got out of the military in April and minus a few trims, its just been staying in a long style. We chose a longer on top, shorter on the sides and back style so he can wear it curly and straight.  Afterwards I picked up the boys from school and headed back to celebrate with Ryan.  The boys got Ronan a special pint class for his lager of choice and I got him the journal based on the Idiot Abroad series he likes so much.  Tonight in honour of his birthday we had our first Indian take away since moving to England.  Indian take away is to England what mexican restaurants are to San Diego, California.  Our supper was yummy and very spicy…just the way I love it. Afterwards we enjoyed a lovely chocolate pudding cake, which melted in our mouths after coming out of the oven.  The boys helped me before bedtime to get the fairy cakes ready for tomorrow.  They are having a special day in honour of the Children in Need foundation to raise money for the charity.  I decorated them with yellow bear heads that I hope slightly if at all resemble Pudsey, the bear mascot. 
Ryan before his hair cut.
Ryan After his hair cut
Ryan with his birthday cake
Happy 30th Ryan!

Ronan shaking our fairy cake mix.
Ronan and Maddox choosing pok a dot cups for the fairy cakes. 
Finished fairy cakes for the Children in Need foundation.