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Good Food & Film

The boys and I rewarded ourselves with cleaning at home to get outside at the park today.  Ronan brought his camera and was a little photographer and I think this got Maddox a little jealous that he did not have his own camera to use.  Good thing he has a birthday coming up!  Tonight after the boys went to bed I decided to watch one of my all time favourite films with Audrey Hepburn called Roman Holiday.  If you have not seen this film yet, I recommend watching it tonight!

PALEO: Spicy stir fry with ginger beef, cayenne peppered shrimp, carrots, spinach and zucchini.

April Fools.

Let me start this by saying that I really wanted to play a good practical joke on my boys.  However I could not really find any good ideas worthy of the effort, so instead I posted a simple photo on my facebook page.  The picture is a sonogram photo from when I was pregnant with my youngest son.  I immediately got a lot of congratulations until finally a few smart individuals realized that it was from 2007, not 2012. It is hard to believe that next month my little man will be 5 years old! Where does the time go?

The boys and I caught the neighbours cat sun bathing outside.  We usually see the cat waiting to be let back into the apartment building near ours, or jumping down from the balcony to the ground.  It is a very pretty black cat who did not mind having its photograph taking today.

This evening I introduced my boys to the comedy of Buster Keaton.  We watched his silent film, The General, and my boys laughed so hard.  It was really fun getting them to not only appreciate silent films at an early age, but to love it with the full belly laughs as well.  I look forward to watching more from Buster’s collection.

The neighbours cat enjoying the sunshine outside. 
Salmon with lemon next to a bed of spinach topped with tomatoes and mozzarella for Dinner. 
I love playing the Draw Something game on my phone! Do you play? 
Tonight I introduce my boys to my love for Buster Keaton in ‘The General’. #ilovesilentfilms #busterkeaton

Been Sick & Down

The last few days have been quite rough.  I have been pretty sick with a fever and had a bad day at work. The cold is subsiding now and nothing beats a rough work day by coming home to hugs from my boys.  We had a movie night tonight and it really helped bring a smile back on my face. I love my family so much. With the last day of March, I hope for a more positive April. Then for some flowers in May. :)

Playing Mass Effect with the boys as we near the very end of the game. 
Purple soup! Its Cabbage and Paleo and so yummy! 

Watching The Secret of Moonacre with my boys. I am so in love with every one of Maria Merryweather’s gowns.

Easter Hair Cuts

I gave my boys fair cuts at work today to get ready for their Easter photos. Afterwards we went to the big playground to run out all their sillys.  We finished with ice cream as we waited for our train ride home.  I am really being spoiled by all this warm weather. I am not looking forward to any wet rainy weather ahead. The boys and I had a great time out and I am really enjoying our extra time together while they are on their Easter break.  

My boys with their new hair cuts for Easter. 
Maddox donned his Batman cape for today’s salon and park outing.  
Carb free pasta made by my husband, Ryan. Paleo meatballs on linguini made from Zucchini. 

Warm Spring weather, picnic at the parks, and spending time with my boys outside. #ilovemylife
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“If a guy does something stupid once, it’s because he’s a guy. But if he does the same stupid thing twice, it’s because of a girl” #TheLorax

Setting the Clocks Back

We set our clocks forward today and it is going to take some use to being woken up by the sun before my alarm goes off.  The boys cleaned their room so I took them outside for Adventure. Ronan dressed as Indiana Jones. Love the sun as we walk.  The flowers were out in bloom.  We enjoyed a picnic lunch in the park to take use of all the warm sun before we go back to cold weather. 

On another note: When I was stateside, I got so addicted to soda. I would go to the McDonalds drive through in Tucson just to get a large diet doctor pepper no ice, because it was cheaper than getting a small bottle or can. When we got to England we had a few coca colas and fantas, because the recipe here is much different (way fizzier too) and ive always preferred it. But then we just stopped buying it and onlydrinking just spring water, carbonated water, and tea. I broke down recently and bought a soda because i was very thirsty after work and there were no bottle waters left in the machine. I had two sips and threw the bottle out because it was so sweet to me. I’m glad I finally got the caffeine/sugary drinks out of my system and broke the addiction. Now if I can just finalize my addiction to carbs and I can really go all out on Paleo.

Ronan with his lunch in the park. 
Maddox with his lunch in the park. 
Playing at the playground. 
Fun angles with cell phone cameras. 😉 

Setting clocks forward. Not so excited about missing an hour of sleep. Miss Hawaii…we didn’t have to worry about this in summerland.
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Costa barista gave me Raspberry tea instead of plain ice tea. Tastes like candy. Due to my accent, I don’t feel pressing the issue. Gross.