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Indiana Jones Birthday Party

Today was the much awaited birthday party for my newly seven year old, Ronan.  He loves Indiana Jones. We went to a leisure centre for his birthday party and all the kids got to play in the  soft play area which had two stories.  Afterwards we had an english tea with a lot of canapes and treats.  At the parties in England you light the cake, but send pieces home instead with the guests. You also do not open presents until you get home.  The boys had a great time!
Ronan in his Indiana Jones costume.  Apparently we were the first party to show up in costumes at this venue.

Time for food and treats! 
Ronan and his classmate and friend Chinmay with their party hats. 
Maddox with his classmates Felix and William.
The Reception age boys decided to make horns out of the party hats. 
Ronan’s birthday cake was a DS player. 
Ryan with party horns. 

Manifold [Night out in London]

This is part of a post that was submitted to the Manifold magazine.  I went out with my friend Evette in London.  This was my first time going out dancing since living in Hawaii.  Being a single mum while Ryan was still in Hawaii being busy here with home and work since we moved here, I have not had a lot of time or opportunities to get out. When my friend got to London I was very excited to not only catch up but have much needed girl time.  I met up with Evette at her hotel room and we got all dolled up.  We found a club and had a great time dancing.  After meeting up with a new friend, the three of us went out for Lebanese food for dinner.  It was a great night of friends, food, and memories to last! Thank you Evette, I look forward to seeing you again!

With my friend Evette from Hawaii 

Ronan is 7 years old!

 Happy Birthday Ronan!

Today my oldest turn seven years old! I cannot believe that so much time has gone by since I gave birth to my birthday boy.  We have moved so many times in those seven years.  He is becoming a really sweet young man and I look forward to seeing him grow up in the next seven years to come.  After school I went to the party shop to get balloons and a present for Ronan.  We got him a Doctor Who chess set for his gift.  We had pizza for his birthday dinner.

I stopped off at the party store to get a surprise for Ronan after school. 
I got Ronan a beanie bear attached to seven balloons with footballs on it
and a globe balloon for his Indiana Jones adventure bedroom.  
Ronan enjoying his Birthday dinner.

Dinner in London with Brian

Just got back from London.  I took the boys up there on the train straight from school.  We met up for dinner with Brian, my friend Liisa’s husband.  We decided to eat close to the station at the Shakespeare Public house pub.  Food was great and we had a great time catching up.  Hopefully will get to meet up with Liisa soon.  When I got back and put the boys to bed it was time to climb under the covers, turn on my heater, and possibly a warm cuppa. Baby its so cold outside! Excited about seeing Miss Evette Sham this weekend! That makes seeing 4, or 4.5 if I count Liisa Roberts by way of lovely gifts, friends from Hawaii in a matter of a week. So great to catch up with friends in person to start of 2012. xx —

The boys and I waiting for our train. 

Shaved Head

I already shaved the side of my head myself.  This was for one of the things to do before I turn 30 this year.  Being such a big milestone marker in birthdays I want to do a bunch of things I have not done yet or would like to accomplish before November 24th rolls around.  I love the shaved side of my head because I can show it off or keep it hidden.  But I really wanted to do something more fun with it.  So after being a hair model for my coworker Claire at the Brighton salon, I popped into a barber shop by the rail station.  I asked for a star design that I had seen online and got a great end result.  It was so much fun to show off as I waited for my train.  I have to admit that hanging out at the barber shop with a bunch of guys is very refreshing from working in a salon with mostly females every day.  I think I will go back once this design grows out.

The barber shop waiting to get my head shaved. 
Waiting for my train with my new look.